When Life Rips You Apart

When life gives you pain,
Heart hurts and tears well up,
You feel to give everything up.

Never before had it hurt so bad,

To lose someone so close makes me sad.
I cry, I shout,

I call him loud.

He doesn’t respond, he doesn’t move,
Because never have anyone returned from grave.
His absence, just rips me apart,
But I have to be strong with all my heart.
And Though it’s shattered in thousand pieces,

I have to be strong for the people I love,

And be calm and give all I have.
But when the night comes, and the silence prevails,
It takes me on the journey in the memory lane.
All the memories come flashing back,

As I close my eyes laying on the bed.

While everyone is sound asleep,

I lay awake tears dropping on my pillow beneath.

The next day, I wake up, like nothing happened,

When my insides are still shouting for him to come back.

It’s Beautiful

It was like her own fairytale when she met him,

The thoughts of being with him excited her,

But then time happened.

And her fairytale turned into reality.

It was not all hearts and flowers all the time,

There were fights and tears alongwith smiles and kisses,

And responsibilities and duties alongwith the time spent with him.
But it was still beautiful.
The time spent with him,
The people she was around,
The hand holds and the concern.
Yes, it’s not easy.
But it’s beautiful.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (Pt. 20)

Siya’s weekend passes by in deep thoughts. She was troubled thinking about her relationship with Ryan. Though she pretended to be strong and not giving up, she knew Ryan’s words had its effect on her. She was weakened on her decision. He was right when he said about people. And then there was Vishakha. She was getting on her nerves just looking at her behaviour from the outside. She was really concerned for Ryan. She was hoping with all that is going on between him and her, he doesn’t fall for that bitch.

On Monday, everything normal was going on. It was noon time when everything went awry.

Ryan was in his cabin going through some files when there was a knock on the door. He asked to come in. When he looked up, it was Vishakha. He rolled his eyes as he saw her. A week earlier he had hired her. Her resume was impressive and so was she. He hired her immediately. But as soon as she was in the office she changed colours. Everytime she came to his cabin, he noticed her seductive behaviour. Mostly, he was too absorbed with everything that was going on between him and Siya but after the first few days he noticed the open button. He was shocked at this but maintained his calm. He had tried to avoid initially, but when it was too obvious to ignore, he tried to be indifferent. He could see she was getting pissed off by that, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was her to work properly and she was excellent when she did. But now when he looked up at her and saw two buttons open today, it was too far. As she started her game of seduction, coming near him, it was the final blow. He banged his hands on the desk as he stood up and said, “Okay. That’s enough.” That made her take a step back.

“Now that we are listening, You better back off. Quit your game of seduction. I am not stupid to not notice and not dumb to let it continue. I don’t know why you are behaving this way. It’s just a week to your first day at office and you are like this. Why? What do you want?”
“I was starting to worry that I was getting no reaction.” Her normal self and smile changes to a smirk.

“Well, now that we have come to the point and i dont have to pretend anymore, let’s get into the details.” She rotates the chair and sits down, back straight, legs crossed and points Ryan to his seat and says, “sit.” And winks at him.

Ryan looks at her, sighs and looks at his chair, and then straightens his jacket and turns to his business self. He sits behind his desk and says, “I am listening.”
“I am sure you must be aware of Mr. Khatri. I am his daughter.”

“Khatri Company?”

“Yes. My dad, he wants a deal with you. He wants your seventy five percent ownership and half of your clients. I was here to lure you into me and making the deal.”

Ryan’s blood was boiling with each word of Vishakha’s. It took all his self control not to bang his hands and throw her out of the cabin.

When she was done, he took a deep breath and said, “Out.”

“What?” That was clearly something Vishakha hadn’t expected.

“I said out. Out of my cabin! Our of my office.” Ryan was trying his hardest to keep his anger and tone under check. He stands up from jis chair and walks around the desk and comes near her. She stands up but not allowing her to say anything he continues, “Your father clearly doesn’t know a thing about business. Tell him that the first rule of getting into a deal with someone is making a good impression. And your father sucks at it. Secondly, Your father is not just a bad businessman but a worse father. He involved his daughter into this and in such a terrible manner. I can’t believe a father can use his own daughter.” He looks at her in disgust and takes a step towards her and then continues, “And thirdly, I am not the Chairman of the company. My dad is. And neither of us want this company to be taken over.” He looks at her all the heat and anger turned to hatred and he says, “Leave. Now.”
But she doesn’t move.

“How can you even think, that I didn’t come with a back up plan? And my dad didn’t force me into it. It was my idea. So..” she puts her hands on her sleeves saying that and then says, “either you take my offer, or I’ll get you ashamed infront of your office staff saying you molested me.”

Ryan couldn’t help his chuckle. “Seems like you watch a lot of drama. You think my staff will believe you? A girl who just entered office a week back? It does not happen in real life Ms.Vishakha Khatri.”

“That’s the catch Mr. Ryan Malhotra. It does not.”

“I would love to see you try.” He crosses his hands over his chest as she tears her sleeves. She pretends running out of the cabin and shouting on her way out, “Just leave me alone.” As she fake falls. Ryan goes back to his desk when she is out ans starts working where he left off.
Everybody’s attention is drawn to the newbie in the office. All of them gather around her as she starts fake crying and telling her fake tale of how Ryan tried to molest her. Alongwith all the other staff Siya had reached there too. As she keeps listening to her story, Siya’s blood keeps boiling to the point where she can’t take it anymore. She comes a step ahead of others and shouts at her,

“Shut up! Don’t utter a word against him. Everybody here knows he is a gentleman and he wouldn’t do anything disrespectful to a woman. So just back off and stop lying.” Siya says angrily to Vishakha.

She continues saying, “He has been rude and sometimes and has done some crazy things but everybody knows he respects women and wouldn’t even dream to do such a thing to girl.”

“Really? Wasn’t he the one who has done some really cruel things to you?”

“Yes. But he is also the one who protected me when someone else was trying to molest me.”
“Yes. He has never tried anything.” Varsha says.

“I agree. He can get a little harsh sometimes. But its mostly work. Never has he treated anyone of us like that.” Says Manisha.

“He has always respected and has been a true gentleman. Opening the door for a woman and all. He does respect woman.”
“I told you.” Says Siya smirking at Vishakha now.

“Why are you taking his side? Why are you getting involved at all? This is none of your business.” Vishakha fires back.

“Yes it is my business. So just stop or I’ll make sure that there’s no respect left for you while you leave the office, that is if you have any.” Siya gives her the taste of what happens if you mess with Siya Agarwal. But surely Vishakha didn’t know and she tries to win the argument and says, “Is it? Then tell me why? Tell me and tell all of us why are YOU in Ryan’s cabin for so long always? Just giving the report and returning cannot take this long, I am sure.” Vishakha had no clue what she had done and what was going to happen with that one question of hers.

Inside Ryan’s cabin, Ryan was all ears when he heard Siya stepping up for him.

But Siya who was now out of control with anger said, “That is OUR business. So just stay out of it. But what you..”

But Vishakha cut her out and said, “Did you all listen? It’s their ‘business’.”

“Oh my god! A girl like you. You can only think such cheap things for someone. Your name stays true for you. VISHakha. You can only spill poison.”

“Really? I think what you are doing is far more shameful.”
That was the limit for Siya. She was doubting on her character and more so, Ryan’s character.

“I think you are the one who should be shameful right now. What I have for Ryan and what I feel for Ryan is pure. And I know that. And so does Ryan. And he was right. No matter what you do there are always some people who point finger at you.”
Vishakha laughs at that and asks, “Really? What is it? Lust?”

“A girl like you can just think of that. It’s love Vishakha. You know love? Oh I am sorry. You won’t know it. Because you wouldn’t have experienced it ever. I love Ryan.” Everybody is shocked to hear Siya’s confession and so is Ryan who was listening to every word coming out of Siya’s mouth from the other side of the door and comes out.

Everybody is shocked to see him. All if them look from one to the other. They look at each other for a moment then Ryan says facing the staff, “I knew you would trust me. All of you. Thank you. And where Siya and I am concerned. Siya,” He looks at her in her eyes now and says, “I love you too.” They smile broadly when they hear Vishakha saying, “Gold digger.”
Siya takes a step ahead which Ryan stops by holding her hand and he says, “Vishakha, I think, that is if I am not wrong, the one who cheats to get someone’s company is a gold digger and not the one in love.” He says sarcastically, “So, shouldn’t your father be called a gold digger. I think you said it at the wrong place. I think you should go home and say that to your dad. Soham will drop you home with all due respect.” As she turns to leave, Ryan says, “Wait.” And he brings his jacket from inside and puts it around her. she is surprised by this gesture. He says to her then, “Now leave and never even try to move past this office.”

She leaves quietly taking all her stuff on her way out.

Ryan and Siya smile at each other as everyone look at them fondly and join their hands together for them.

There comes a loud voice of someone from behind the crowd saying, “Enough.” Everyone looks behind to see a man in his fifties and a suit. As he takes steps forward, people make way for him.

He comes to Ryan and Siya and says, “You two. Inside. Now.”

As soon as they are inside the cabin, Ryan and Siya are stood as guilty in charge and the man is pacing to and fro. Finally he says, ” I didn’t expect this Ryan. You know how much I hate such things.”

“I am sorry. But I didn’t have a choice. Siya was fighting for me all alone outside and I couldn’t let her down by staying silent, Dad.”

Siya smiles and blushed with Ryan’s words until the last word. The last word mortified her. Dad?
She thinks she needs to apologize and starts saying, “Mr. Malhotra, umm. Sir..”

“No. Not now.” He points a finger at her and warns her.

“Dad please. It’s not her fault. She was protecting me. And that Vishakha had started pointing finger at her. I am sorry dad, but if anyone. And I mean, anyone, would do that, I will stand for her. I love her dad. So I would stand for her everytime she is in trouble.”
Ryan finishes in a breath. Siya couldn’t help but smile with tears welling up in her eyes.
After a moment, Siya finally gets the courage to try to talk again. She starts again, saying, “Sir, it’s not his fault. And I am sorry for this argument. I really didn’t want this. I should better go.”

With each word of Siya’s Mr. Malhotra looked all the more surprised.
“No wait. You are not going anywhere.”
Siya looks surprised.
“It’s not that I have any problem with you two. I just don’t like this public display of affection. What do you youngsters have shortened it for? PDA? I just don’t like that. And Siya. Siya right? Shalini had told me all about you two. And don’t mind Ryan but she is far more beautiful and nice than your mother mentioned.” He winks at Ryan and suddenly the tensed atmosphere changes to a light hearted atmosphere.
The door opens and Shalini Malhotra comes inside with all the elegance she carries and says, “Did I miss something?”
“Oh you missed all the fun and drama.” Ryan says chuckling.
“Well, everybody seems happy. By that I take, that finally the confession happened. Siya?” She turns to look at her and continues, “You really made my son work the hardest.”
“I believe, what you get easily is not valid as much. That is why.” Siya says sarcastically and winks at Ryan giggling, who looks surprised.

Shalini comes forward and says to Siya, “I am sorry if you think I went too far, but I already talked to your parents about how we want you to be our daughter-in-law, though I must have missed telling them about your love story. I thought that is yiur right and they should know from you. They have accepted our proposal though. So…”
She takes out her ring and says, “This ring was my mother-in-law’s. I don’t know if it’s passed on for years or not. But here.” Shalini takes Siya’s hand in hers and makes her wear it.
“Thank you Aunty.” Siya was overwhelmed with everything.


“You look fabulous.” Says Tisha.

“He is going to get awestruck.” Krisha jokes.

Krisha was Siya’s childhood friend. Siya had made a lot of jokes when she was getting engaged and now it was her turn.

Yes. It was her engagement. She had butterflies in her stomach for the start of her new life.

Though her parents were shocked with the revelation of their relationship, her parents had happily approved it after they met Ryan.

And now the date of their relationship coming official is here. With all the nervousness, she was awaiting her new journey with the man she loved and she knew that her happily ever after begins here.

As she comes downstairs on the call of her mom, she sees Ryan standing below the chandelier. He turns as all eyes go on Siya.

He skips a beat when she sees her in blue and pink lehenga. The light blue sleeve less blouse with very minute work done. The baby pink colour choli with the same minute work done all over and the simple pink and blue dupatta was looking extraordinary on her. Her hair werr straightened from the up and curled from the tips. A simple diamond set and maang tika with bangles in her hands. She was looking stunning.

Where Ryan was so stunned with her looks, Ryan also looked so handsome that Siya couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was looking dapper in a light blue kurta with a light work in the neck and on the collar and a white chudidar. His sleeves were pushed up and his favourite Tissot was been adorned and his hair was gelled up.

When Siya stood with Ryan in the middle of the hall of the Malhotra Mansion everybody was silently wishing for being them. So perfect.

Soon the rings were exchanged as both of them blushed.

“Congratulations Soon to be Mrs. Malhotra.”

“Congratulations to you too, soon to be.. My husband.”

They blush some more as they look into each others eyes and the rose petals fall on them in celebration of their union.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (Pt.19)

There is a murmur in the office the next day when Siya enters office. She asks Tisha about it to which she says, “Ryan just entered office before you. And his normal behaviour is, for a change, same as ours today.”
Siya completely confused by the choice of her words asks what she meant.
“Well, he looked really happy and said good morning to everyone personally. I am telling you, there is something fishy.” She poses to think.
Siya is shocked to hear that. She knew exactly, why he would be so happy. All she wanted was the truth of their feelings be unknown to him. But he knows now. As if things were less complicated upto now. She thinks. Tisha’s sudden grip on her hand brushed the thoughts away and Siya’s eyes grow wide when she says, “Is it something related to you?” She asks raising her eyebrows.

Siya takes her hand from hers immediately as if their touch would reveal the truth and says, “Ofcourse not.” Not looking at her. “Let’s get to work or the happiness wouldn’t last long and we’ll have to face the worst side of him.” She says trying to change the topic. Tisha finds the answer to her question extremely feeble.
She gets back to work finding no argument to go ahead with.

Siya gets the reports and goes to Ryan’s cabin. Fot the first time she was scared to face him. She was scared to what he would react and what he would say. She was scared with the thought that he would confess. She was scared of her own feelings. She was scared if he would go too far, she wouldn’t be able to contain her feelings. And that was the worst scenario she could imagine. But right now she had to face him. No matter what. She takes a deep breath and knocks. With a quick ‘come in’ she goes inside. She puts the reports on the table. Ryan is involved in his files. She thanks all the Lords she could think of that he didn’t say anything. She turns to leave praying he wouldn’t call her. She takes quick steps so in order to reach the door faster. Before she could even complete five steps towards the door he calls her out. She closes her eyes in denial when he calls her out again.
She turns to look at him. He is standing at the side of his desk.

“Siya. I need to talk to you.” Ryan says seriously.

“Is it urgent? Because I need to work.” She says and without waiting for a reply she turns to leave.

“It is.” He says a little louder.
“I know what you are trying to do. Siya. I know. I know now. My feelings. I know what they are.” Ryan says looking in her eyes and taking a step forward. When Siya fails to give a reply, he says, “Siya. What are you thinking? I know that you know what I feel. And I know that you feel the same way. Why do you want to go away from me?” That brings her voice back and her head shots up.

“Why do you think that you know what I feel?”
“I know you that much.”

“No. You don’t.
“Yes. I do Siya. If it wasn’t for your feelings, you would have slapped in the face for coming closer to kiss you the other day.” Ryan gives a reason with no counter argument.

“I am sorry Ryan. But this is not right.”

“How do you think is it not right?” Ryan starts to take steps towards her. She starts taking steps back as a reflex.

“You won’t understand.” She says locked between him and the wall for umpteenth time.
“I won’t understand.” He says looking her in her eyes. “I won’t understand your fear of being misunderstood? Misunderstood as a gold digger?” She looks up from the floor listening this. He figured it out. She thought.

“I know and I understand. But they are not the ones to judge. They are no one. People are people Siya. And they are not the ones who will suffer if we don’t go ahead with what our hearts feel.” He says seriously trying to convince her to follow her heart.

Siya starts thinking. He says more, “Siya, the people who know you, won’t judge you as a gold digger and those who do, are not the ones that matter.” She starts looking down. He continues, “Siya. Look at me. We know what we feel. It’s pure. And it’s right. Nobody else has a say in what we feel and how we feel about each other. Till we and our loved ones know it’s pure, nothing else matters.”

He takes his hands back to himself from the wall. “I just want you to give it a long thought before you decide something that will have an effect on our lives forever. Don’t make a decision in haste that you will regret your lifetime. Don’t do anything that there is an ‘if’ in your future. Think it through. And I’ll respect your decision.”

Siya was now in a dilemma. She had decided to stay away from him the day she knew what she felt for him. But now, what he said, made her to rethink her decision. Because he was right. She leaves without turning back, without saying a word. Thinking.

That was all Ryan wanted. He knew her. He knew he just had to switch on the emotional side of her, that loved him. He just wanted her to think. But he was scared now. What if she made the choice of not going ahead together? The thought broke his heart. But he has to respect her decision no matter what. He sighs and goes back to his desk.

There was an interview he had to take in a few minutes.

The day passes and Siya is still thinking. She couldn’t sleep at night with the thoughts clogged in her mind. Neither did Ryan. He was now terrified with all the time she took. He had not expected this. If she was going to come, she would have till now. It means, that this really matters to her. And is giving a thorough thought to it. And he knew, in that moment, what her answer is going to be. He couldn’t sleep either.

The next day, Siya sees a new girl when she enters the office. She is all deckep up. In make up and high heels with a floral knee length skirt and a black top. She is standing near her desk talking to Tisha. Tisha and she had come together but she got caught in the thoughts about what she was going to do today at the office door. She goes to her desk and says to her, “Hi.”

Hi.” Comes the reply. And she gets back to talking to Tisha.

“Um.. This is my desk.” She smiles and tells her.

“Oh. I am so sorry. I am new here. I am Vishakha.” The new girl smiles.
“Hi. I am Siya.” They shake hands.

“Oh. So you are Siya. Tisha was just telling me about you. And many others did. Pleased to meet you.”

“I can hope they said good things about me.” Siya laughs.

“Oh they love you. All good. No worries. Anyway. Nice to meet you Siya. I better go back to my desk there. See you at lunch.” She leaves for her desk saying that.

“I think she is nice.” Tisha comments as soon as Vishakha is out of hearing distance.

“Well. I don’t.” Siya says looking back to her.

“What are you talking about? I thi k she was lovely.”
“She was being extra sweet. Trying to blend in. There is a difference.” And she gets to her work.

She takes reports and she goes to Ryan’s cabin. She sighs and knocks with a stern face and a firm decision in her head.

She goes inside and puts the reports on his desk. He looks up and she at him for a minute. She sees all the love he has in his eyes, and wait, and pain. Pain? Why? Whatever it was, the pain is going to amplify.

“Ryan, we need to talk.” She sighs and continues, “I gave it a lot of thought and I mean it. But.. I still think we shouldn’t be together. It took all of my life and my dad’s to earn this respect from the society. I can’t just throw it away. I am sorry.” She says, tears in her eyes.

“Hey. Hey. Siya. I told you I would respect your decision, whatever it is. Don’t cry. Please. I understand. And i knew it already. So it’s okay.”

So that was the pain. He knew this would be my decision.
They touch their foreheads and stand like that for a while, tears in their eyes.

Siya is on her desk checking in some files after completing her crying session in restroom for 15 minutes. She takes a break from files when she turns to see Vishakha opening up her first button of her blouse and knock on Ryan’s door. Weird. She thinks.

Siya couldn’t concentrate on her work till she sees Vishakha coming out of Ryan’s cabin all frustrated. She checks out for people and closes the opened button back in place. She smiles at this and gets back to her work.

That night Tisha tried to ask her about her and Ryan but she dodges her and tries to sleep.
Ryan tries to sleep as well.
Both fail miserably.

Ryan gets up to have water later when his mom comes behind her and says, “Not sleeping yet?”

That scares him and says, “You scared me. And if I would be asleep, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Bad mood? In the middle of the night?”

“Since the day.” He takes his glass of water and goes the hall and sits on the couch. Shalini comes there and sits beside him.

“What happened?” He shakes his head.

“Is it about Siya? Shalini says that jerks his head up.

“Siya? What about her?” He pretends more.

“C’mon son. I am your mother. I know you love her. And in my experience, I think she does too. I know you were asking about yourself and her the other night.” Shalini reveals.
“Oh. Okay.” Ryan was left speechless.
“So tell me what happened.” Shalini asks his son with all her concern.

Ryan tells her everything.
“You can’t just give up on her Ryan.”

“I can’t fight her mom. And if I do, I will lose her respect.”

“Lovers don’t give up. And I am not asking you to fight her decision. I agree that you should respect her decision. And you should give her time and space. And still some time to think. And in this period don’t forget to show your love every now and then. And then she will melt. I know she will. Just be loyal to her. And love her. That’s all a woman needs.” She says that and leaves saying good night.

Ryan goes back to his bed thinking. She was right. I love her and I am not going to give up hope. And that puts him off to sleep.
The consequent day Siya goes to Ryan’s cabin for her routine work. As she turns around to leave, Ryan calls her. She wasn’t expecting that after their talk yesterday. She turns to face him. He was looking at her intensely.
After a momentary silence he says, “We need to talk.” And by his gaze she knows what it’s about. He comes to her and says looking in her eyes.
“Ryan, we have already talked about this. Please don’t. It’s just going make it more difficult.”
“No. We didn’t talk yesterday. You did. And I agreed. So today, I’ll do the talking and you’ll listen.”
She is stunned by the sternness in his voice and frowns at it. With no reply from her, Ryan continues, “Siya Agarwal. I know what you feel about me is pure. And i know the same for my feelings. And that is enough for me. Siya. I don’t care what other people think. And you know I’ll stand by you. Always. So no matter what you say, and no matter what I yesterday, I am not going to give up on us. On what we have.” He takes a step back with that.

Siya was astonished by his words and overwhelmed. But she knew the better of it.
“You done? Ryan, I know you want us to be… Us. But I stand by my decision. And I m sorry for the situation we are in. But I think.. it will all fade away.. with time. What we have.” She gulps her feelings and her emotions and turns to leave when with a pull of her hand Ryan takes her to the wall and locks her between the wall and him, closing the sides with his hands placed on the wall on either side of her . He looks her in the eye and says, “You think this will fade? Really? It is not a mere crush or attraction Siya and you know it. It is not something that will weather away. Do you think that this,” he puts his hand on her cheek and she looks at the hand placed on her cheek with such tenderness but still firm and then in his eyes, “is going to fade? You think there would come a day when just a mere touch of mine would not be enough for you to melt?” With that realisation she tries to take his hand off her cheek but fails miserably. “Do you think there would come a day when you would look me in the eye and would be able to lie to me? Because you can’t lie to someone who’s that close to your heart.” He puts his other hand on her other cheek as he sees the stern look on her face slowly disappearing and a loving look in her eyes starts showing up. “Do you think that there will come a day,” and he comes closer closing the little gap that was left, “that when I come this close to you,” and he tilts his head as he comes near her lips and she closes her eyes in response, when he says, “you’ll slap me instead of closing your eyes.” That makes Siya get out of the trance and her eyes wide open as he moves back still not unlocking her. And continues, “That’s not going to happen Siya. And you know that. Because what we have is not perishable but something that lasts forever.” He smirks at her.
“Why are you doing this Ryan?” She says almost tears in her eyes threatening to come out. He takes his hands from the wall and says,
“Because I want this to last and i know you do too. I just want you to accept the fact and not think about people. And I know it won’t be easy, because the person you are… So stubborn. But I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you.” Ryan moves out of Siya’s way so that she can leave. And she does.
She goes to the ladies room to get back to normal. She returns back to her desk as if nothing happened and starts working.
That evening when Siya was lifting the file she accidentally dropped, she sees Vishakha again opening up her first button and knocking on Ryan’s door. Siya was getting angry on her behaviour now. She was trying to get something. Or someone. But Siya knew Ryan. He wouldn’t fall for it.
The following day, Ryan tries again, “Good morning Siya.” He smiles as she enters his cabin acting normal. As she tries to keep the report on his desk, he stretches hand to take it when his fingers accidentally brushes hers.
He smiles and she turns to leave, walking slowly waiting for him to all out.

As she reaches near the door, she is confused that he didn’t call out.

“Siya.” He calls out as she reaches for the doorknob. She sighs and turns thinking about seeing him coming near her but he was well seated on his chair still, just looking at her. Smirking.

“Do you think you will get over expecting me to call you out when you turn to leave? And do you think you will ever stop expecting me to be near you all the time?”

Siya is shocked but with no good reply she just rolls her eyes and turns to leave when, “Siya,” she turns back to him and he says, “The answer is NO.” He smirks and says, “You can leave now. And close the door as you go.” He turns back to files as she stands there stupefied.

She leaves with confusion.

She sees Vishakha doing Her routine again.

And comes out with her normal expression.

That makes her smile.

She didn’t know why she was getting happy seeing her being turned down but she convinces herself that Ryan deserved better than that and she wants the best for him, not letting her heart take control over.

Siya was getting weaker each day with Ryan telling her how it was never going to be possible to get over him.

After a few days, Shalini asks Ryan if there was any success in his attempts to which Ryan replies truthfully about she being a tough girl to convince and she is getting weaker In her decision.

Shalini tells him to continue till she gives up on her decision.

A week passes in this play. With Ryan’s attempts to convince Siya to be with him, Siya’s attempts to ignore it and Vishakha with some plan to woo Ryan for no one knew why.


“Shut up! Don’t utter a word against him. Everybody here knows he is a gentleman and he wouldn’t do any disrespectful thing to a woman. So just back off and stop lying.” Siya says angrily to Vishakha.

“Why are you taking his side? Why are you getting involved at all? This is none of your business.” Vishakha fires back.

“Yes it is my business. So just stop or I’ll make sure that there’s no respect left for you while you leave the office, that is if you have any.” Siya gives her the taste of what happens if you mess with Siya Agarwal. But surely Vishakha didn’t know and she tries to win the argum and says, “Is it? Then tell me why? Tell me and tell all of us why are YOU in Ryan’s cabin for so long always? Just keeping the report and returning cannot take this long, I am sure.” Vishakha what she had done and what was going to happen with that one quest of hers.

Ps: neither do you 😉 or do you?

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (Pt.18)

Siya comes on her desk and sits with a thud on her chair.
She went to Ryan’s cabin to apologize for the previous day because it had been bothering her since then. And also to ask him again what was it that was bothering him. She was walking in a trance forming her sentence when she forgot to knock and opened the door just a little when she heard a very familiar voice saying ‘For once! Just for once Ryan Malhotra, just for a moment, is it possible for you to not think about her?’ That makes her stop where she was, listening to everything that he talks with himself. Tisha had noticed her standing for a while outside Ryan’s cabin. She comes there and placed a hand on her shoulder that scares her momentarily. She sighs and had returned to her table thinking. Tisha knew well enough when to give Siya some time to herself and didn’t ask any questions.

Till lunch Ryan had enough thoughts of Siya. He finally gives up and leaves for home after lunch.

Siya thinks about everything that she had heard. In evening, she finally decided to talk to him and atleast apologize. She goes to his cabin and knocks. With no response from inside, she goes in not to find Ryan.

After a moment, Manoj Ji enters and is surprised to see her. She asks about Ryan if he knows to which he replies, “He already left after lunch.”
“After lunch? Why? How?” Siya asks a little surprised because she knew that work is his priority and he would never leave office before time.

ManojJi replies to her questions saying, “He said he had a headache and he needed to leave right away.” bringing her back from her chain of thoughts.
With that she immediately knew what was going on. ManojJi leaves after cleaning up but she was engrossed in her thoughts when the phone in Ryan’s cabin rings. She doesn’t pick up and the answering machine takes the message.

The caller was the new client who actually had some issues and wanted the papers reviewed and needed some urgent signatures of Ryan about not having problem with that. The caller said that he had already faxed him and that to sent that back as soon as possible.

Listening that she now gets in a dilemma whether to give him the message or to just walk away pretending not to have heard.
But she knew it was important and she had to deliver the message.

She calls him but gets no reply. She tries calling multiple times but in vain.

The office hours are hour and there was still no reply from Ryan. She makes her decision and takes the fax papers. She packs her bag and tells Tisha to leave without her and leaves the office.

The door is opened by the maid. She enters the house again but with so many feelings except the one she had when she was here the last time. So much has changed since then for Siya. She was asked to be seated.
Just then Ryan enters the living room and stops a few steps away when Siya stands up and turns to look at him.

“You? Here? Unannounced?” He realises that he is being rude and then the sudden realisation that she might be in some sort of trouble he panics and fires questions, “You are here unannounced. It cannot be unless something urgent. Are you okay? Is someone bothering you? Oh my god! Did Yuvraj do anything? That bastard…” Before he could curse any more Siya interrupts and says, “No. No… Wait…” She pauses for a moment thinking how much she matters to him, but then seeing him wait with concern in his eyes she continues and says, “I am okay Ryan.” She says sincerely, looking in his eyes and continues saying, “Yes there is something urgent and Yuvraj is nowhere in it.” She takes a sigh and says, ” it’s work related. Mr. Ghosh called and said he had some issue with the papers and so he wants you to read and sign them immediately and fax them back.” She gives him the papers.

He sees the papers and looks at her with a disappointed look and says, “That’s it? That’s why you are here?” She looks at him intently thinking about everything she wants to tell him but decides against it and says, “Yes. Yes that’s it.”

She turns to leave when he holds her hand back which makes her turn back. She looks at his hand holding her back and then looks at him in the eyes. They have a moment like that. After a while she breaks the silence and as he leaves her hand, she says, “By the way, how are you? ManojJi told me you headache?” But he continues to look at her never taking his eyes off her. She starts looking everywhere else. Everywhere except Ryan. She was about to tell him that she should leave when finally Ryan says, “I can’t take it anymore. I have to tell you.” The moment that she had been dreading was here. She is still shocked by that when he continues, “Listen. Siya.” He takes a pause but with every pause he took it only made Siya more and more nervous about what’s coming. She knew he had not figured it out. But she can’t bear him tell her what he feels. It would be too bad. Thoughts raced through Siya’s mind when he starts saying again, “Siya.. First of all, I owe you an apology. The way I had been behaving since the past 3 days. I have been an asshole to you. I am sorry. But.. it’s just because..” Before he could complete his sentence she interrupts nervously not letting him complete his sentence saying, “No. No. It’s ok. I understand. You must be tensed. Something related to business. It’s ok. I should go now. I am getting late.” As she turns to leave, he is surprised by her behaviour and stops her by holding her hand again and turning her towards him. He says, “But I am not done yet. I have to talk you. I need to talk to you.” He says sincerely. She almost melted but then says, “May be later. I have to go right now.” But he doesn’t leave her hand. He says, “Please. I have to talk to you NOW. Its important or I’ll go mad.” When she doesn’t say anything, he starts again, “Siya. Lately, I don’t why, but… After.. After what happened after Uncle & Aunty’s party… I…” She couldn’t take it anymore and finally gives up and says, “Stop. Stop please.” He looks at her with surprise but she continues saying, “I know. Okay? I know what you are about to tell.” But Ryan says, “No. You don’t.” He insists. But she says, “Yes. I do.” And decides on telling the truth so she tells him, “I heard you. When you were talking to yourself in the cabin this afternoon.” She looks at him guiltily.

It takes him by another surprise. He had clearly not anticipated this coming. But he quickly recovers and says, “Well, if you know what’s going on, then tell me. What is it?”
Siya was already in a bad position knowing and then telling it to him. Now telling him what he was feeling, it was a task she would never be able to do it. And even if she did tell him the truth, what if he didn’t believe him. What if he thought that she is just a gold digger and is telling him that just to hook him and take advantage of the situation. Everyone would hate her including him. And if there was something unbearable to her, was the thought of hatred in his eyes for her.

She says after a long silence, “I don’t know.” She says looking at the floor.

“You do know. Siya, I can tell when you are lying.” When she could not answer that he insists saying, “If you know it, then tell me. What is it?” Ryan says hope in his eyes

“I don’t know.” Siya says not meeting his eyes.
“Siya. Look at me. You always have answers for everything. And I know you have for this question of mine too. Tell me.” Ryan says looking through her.

“I can’t.” She says turning to leave.

But he turns her around and pins her to the wall and says, “Tell me. What is this then? Why is it so difficult to stay away from you? Why can’t I stop thinking about you? Why do I want you to be near me, this close all the time? Why do I want to touch you all the time?” He says closing in the little space between them. Her hair that had come on her face, he puts it back her ears. And then repeats, “Tell me. Please.” Siya who had been in a trance, breathing heavily, comes to realisation. She says pleading, “Ryan. Please.”
He looks at her lips and says, “Please what?”

“Let me go.” Siya says with the pleading look still in her eyes.
That makes Ryan take a step back and with that hint, Siya leaves immediately without turning back.

That shocked Ryan the second time that evening. The first was the time when she pleaded to let her go, meaning it. And the fact that she didn’t turn back while she left. She always did.

He was so disturbed with all of this. When Shalini returns from her kitty party, Ryan comes out to have water. He could not think of anyone else to go to talk to so he calls her mom and they sit to talk.
“Mom. When a guy and girl are friends, and one person starts thinking a lot about the other, and cannot take her out of his mind and can’t stay away from the other, no matter what. It is as if a string is pulling one to the other. What is that feeling? What is that string?”

Shalini smiles with a happy glint in her eyes.

She says, “I will tell you but are you prepared to hear the truth?”
“What do you mean by prepared?” Ryan asks surprised.

“Just because.. the guy in the question is obviously in Love.”


“Yes. Very much. I think.” Shalini says looking through him.

Ryan is lost in thoughts. After a while he says, “Love? That can’t be. It can’t be. It might be attraction though.”

She replies, “Ryan there is a difference between attraction and love. If she would have been just an attraction, the guy wouldn’t be thinking about her all the time. If she is stuck in her head, she is stuck in his heart too.”
“I don’t think so.” Ryan denies accepting it.

“Does the guy care for her? Can’t see her upset or in tears? Feels bad when it happens? Feels happy when she is? If thats what happens, it is love!” She declares.

“Oh god! You watch too many serials. Why did I even ask you?” Ryan leaves still not believing that it might be the truth.

He goes to his room and couldn’t help thinking about her mother’s words. He does realise that whatever she said does happen to him. The thought of Siya in pain does hurt him. And the sight of her smile enlightens his day.

Can it be possible that I, Ryan Malhotra, is in…. He realises the track his mind is gng and shuts the thoughts off his mind. He now starts thinking if someone was there to help him out. He lays on his bed thinking when his phone starts ringing. He picks it up just for the sake of it, when he hears a familiar voice.

Ryan comes out of the car at his favourite spot. The spot he comes whenever he needs peace. From the other side of the road comes a Porsche and stops opposite to Ryan’s. Ryan sees a guy same as his age come out from the car.

They come face to face with a serious look. When they are face to face the intense look changes to a smile as they hug.
“How are you? Though you look great man.” The other guy says to Ryan.
“Not as good as you. Porsche mate. I guess London has accepted you well Soham.” Ryan laughs to which Soham responds joking, “You know my dad loved Porsche. So, for him. And, yes London has suit me but not as good as your dad’s business has suited you. I heard that you bought a car from your own money. That’s great man.”

“Nothing much.”
“This is yours, right? Volkswagen Passat. Great choice bud. You have always been fond of Volkswagen.” Soham said with a knowing look.

They go to a bench on marine lines and sit.

“Actually, Soham, I wanted to talk to you. I Needed your help.” Ryan comes to the point.
“Ryan Malhotra needs my help. It must be really something different or you would know.” Soham jokes.

“Ya. It is something different. Something really unfamiliar.” Ryan says seriously.

“What’s the problem Ryan? You look troubled.” Soham now says seriously well known with Ryan’s expressions.

“You have been with girls. You know what it’s like much more than me.”

“Girls? That’s your problem?” Soham now has a tinge of a mocking smile on his face.
“No. Not like that.” Ryan sighs with the misunderstanding and continues, “There is a girl. She works in my department I am now in. She is great. Beautiful, smart and a little badass too. She is kind, genuine and sweet. Though we started with a clash, we became friends in Lonavala and now… It’s not the same. Something has changed. I can’t stop thinking about her. All I want to do, is be with her. I smile like a maniac. I don’t know what’s going on! And it’s driving me crazy. You know everything about girls related situation. You must know.” Ryan ends almost pleading to Soham.
All this while, the mocking smile of Soham had turned to a pleasant one and there was a twinkle in his eyes. After Ryan finishes he says with a broad smile, “Dude. You are so in love.”

“What? Love? If I wanted that answer I would have believed my mom. I don’t want filmy answers. Just fact.” Ryan says clearly irritated now.

“Who said love just happens in films? I am in love. With Priya. Ryan. I know this must be really new to you but this is the truth. This is love.” He pauses for a second and says in a reminiscence, “When you can’t stop thinking about her. When you can’t stay away from her. When all you want to do is spend time with her. And when you are with her, you want the time to stop so that you can just be with her. Every little detail of your day, you want to share with her. And just looking at her and talking to her, all the tension from the day is released. Her smile makes you smile and when she cries, you’ll do anything in your power to stop it.” He takes a pause again and then continues, “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”
He looks at Ryan after his speech and finds Ryan in a deep thought as if reliving each word with girl he loves.
Ryan finds Soham’s words believable. After all he doesn’t watch serials like Mom and he loves Priya. And whatever he said, that has happened to him. That was true. It means… And the chain of his thoughts comes to an abrupt halt as the realisation sets in.

I am in love. He thought. He looks at Soham with clear happiness on his face.
“I love her. I am in love!”
“Yes mate. You so are.”

Ryan just smiled broadly in reply.

“So? What’s her name?”
“Siya. Siya Agarwal.” He says proudly.
You said it started with a clash. How is that possible?” Curiosity clear as Soham questions Ryan.

“I was being a jerk to her.” Ryan says with a nostalgic look.

“You and a jerk? Do you even know how to be a jerk?” Soham mocks Ryan to which Ryan replies, “Turns out, I do.”

“I wanna know everything.”


While Ryan starts to tell his tale of love, Siya is in her bed trying to shut down her feelings. She can’t do it. She shouldn’t. She is not a gold-digger and she won’t let anybody label her that. All those thoughts cloud her mind as she tries to sleep.

Later that night, Ryan crashes on the bed, happy about finally knowing his feelings for her until the image of her pleading eyes comes in front of his eyes. He starts thinking of reasons for her to plead to him. He couldn’t sleep till finally he found one reason good enough and which made complete sense for her reaction.
“How do you think is it not right?” Ryan starts to take steps towards her. She starts taking steps back as a reflex.
“You won’t understand.” She says locked between him and the wall for umpteenth time.
“I won’t understand.” He says looking her in her eyes. “I won’t understand your fear of being misunderstood? Misunderstood as a gold digger?” She looks up from the floor listening this. He figured it out. She thought.
“I know and i understand. But they are not the ones to judge. They are no one. People are people Siya. And they are not the ones who will suffer if we don’t go ahead with what our hearts feel.” He says seriously trying to convince her to follow her heart.
Siya starts thinking.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (Pt.17)

After Siya leaves his cabin, it takes a long time for Ryan to get back to work.
In the evening, after the office time, when Ryan is all set to leave his cabin, Siya enters his cabin.
Siya had thought about it all day whether she should tell Ryan about Tisha inquiring everything. Finally she thought it would be better to tell him before that she was going to tell Tisha everything. So there she was in Ryan’s cabin again.
“You haven’t left yet?” Ryan asks surprised to see her.

“Yes. I needed to talk to you.” Siya says hesitantly.
“Is it urgent? Because I have meeting along with my dad, and I need to reach by 7. And the hotel is quite far.” Ryan says hurriedly.

“Oh. No. Nothing that important.You can continue running.” Siya says half giggling.

“Thanks.” Says Ryan starting to walk to leave.

He leaves the cabin, leaving Siya behind to sigh and leave the office.

Ryan was busy in the meeting, when he sees the menu to order something, he sees Siya’s favourite dish and smiles remembering her. He quickly gets hold of himself and looks of anybody has noticed that, which thankfully for him, nobody did.
Siya and Tisha had a long talk while having dinner. Siya tells Tisha everything from the beginning of the change.

After giving and end to her story, she says, “And that’s it.”

“That’s it?” Tisha replies thinking.

“Yes. Why?” Siya says knowing the journalist inside Tisha.

“No. It’s just that, I thought, there must be something ‘romantic’ going on between you two.” Tisha emphasises the word romantic.

“Why?! Umm.. Why do you think so?” Says Siya not meeting her eyes.

“Well, because the way you are behaving since the last few days.” Tisha says as if stating the obvious.
“Why? What’s so different about my behaviour?” Siya says still not understanding.

“Are you really unaware or are you just faking it?” Tisha says raising her brow.

“No. Seriously! I have no idea!” Siya says surprised and truthfully.
“Siya. First of all, you have been talking a lot about Ryan lately. Secondly, you have been talking positive things about him. Thirdly, whenever I said anything negative about him, you defended him. Fourth, you actually look in the mirror these days, and you are taking si much effort dressing. Fifth, and the last one, and I don’t think anyone, I repeat ANYONE failed to notice the day you dressed in that short dress.” Tisha says summing up all of it and then continues again saying, “And yes. The way you take time for coming back from his cabin. That too. I definitely did notice that. Atleast I wouldn’t fail to see that.” Tisha says climaxing it.

“Okay. Fine. There is something. And I really don’t know what is it okay. There is this thing, an instinct in us, we can’t stay away from each other. And I think about him a lot. I agree. But is all of this, so obvious?” Siya questions and says all of this to herself more than Tisha. She just realised all of it and saying it out loud felt weird and real.

“Yes. Atleast for me because I know you since so long. And I know you inside out.” Tisha says truthfully.
She then says, “So? You have feelings for him huh?”

“What?” Siya exclaims, “What feelings?”

“Well, you obviously like him. And, A lot, I must say.”
“Oh. Haha. Now now. You are so wrong here Ms. Know it all. There is nothing like that. It might be that it is just because I have spent so much time with him in the last month, and our friendship has grown strong and mah be a little attraction, but that’s it. No feelings.” Siya says in one breath.

“What?” Tisha says now laughing.

“Seriously Siya! You are the best in the office. Atleast show that a little at home.” Tisha says controlling the last of her laughter and then continues, “You so like him.” Tisha declares.
“Oh please.” Siya ignores and takes the dishes to the sink and starts cleaning up.

As soon as she starts to speak, Siya stops her saying, “We are not discussing it anymore Tish. I had to tell you all this, and I did. That’s it. The conversation is over.” Tisha was wise not to push her too much and changes the topic.

Siya goes in the room and starts thinking.

Meanwhile, Ryan returns back home and freshens up and starts thinking about Siya again.

Both of them are thinking about each other and their feelings. Siya, a tad clearer after her conversation with Tisha. Though she didn’t admit infront of Tisha, did realise that she was saying the truth. She liked him. And a lot. She knew what it’s like. The feeling. No. I can’t do it. He is Ryan. Ryan Malhotra. And I will be called a gold digger if there will be anything between us. She thinks to herself and decides to control them.
On the other hand, Ryan was totally clueless about what was going on with him. It just made him frustrated even more.

The next day, when Siya comes to give the reports, she tells him how she told Tisha everything.

This gets his full attention from the files he was very busy working on.

“What?! You told her?” He says standing up, his voice louder than usual in the shock.

Siya who knew there would be a surprised reaction, didn’t expect it to be a shock.

“Yeah. Why? Do you think i shouldn’t have told her?” Siya asks confused.
“Ofcourse not. How can you? Whatever’s going on…” He hesitated and then continues, “you shouldn’t have.” He takes a step forward.

“You really shouldn’t have.” He says taking another step towards her.

“I… I” Siya couldn’t complete her sentence. She was in his arms. He held her hand and given a quick jerk, landing her in his arms. His one hand on waist and and another holding her arm.

“Why did you do that?” He asks sincerely.

“She… She was asking me about it. And I had come to tell you the same thing the previous evening when you were in a hurry.” Siya says slowly.

“But, I had asked you if it was something urgent and this was. Everything that is going on between us, you can’t tell her.”

“But she is my best friend. And I didn’t tell her everything.” She says emphasizing everything.
That loosens the grip of Ryan on her hand and he asks, “So, what did you tell her?”

“Just that we are friends. And how it started in lonavala. How there was no Rita and just… Ryan.”

With that he slowly takes his hand off her waist and arm and takes a step backward.

“Are we okay?” Siya asks him trying to find the answer to the reaction to her reply.

“Are we?” Ryan asks not understanding why he was hurt with the words “just friends”. Weren’t they supposed to be just friends. He was caught up in his thoughts when Siya replies, “I think so.” Pauses and continues saying, “We should be.”
Determined with the answer now, he says, “Yes. Yeah. We are.” And turns to his desk and starts to work again. Taking this as a sign to leave, Siya leaves without another word.

He tries to work but couldn’t stop thinking about her and looking at her from his window.

After an hour of trying, he says loudly to himself, “Damn it. Why the hell can I not take my mind off her? Why is it that I can’t be away from her? Can I just not for once behave normally around her?” Ryan says to himself in his cubicle.

“What the hell is going on with me?” Ryan holds his head between his hands.
After some thoughts he finally comes to a decision.
He calls a few important people from the staff in his cabin including Siya.
“Hi. I have called you all here to tell you, that last night I had a meeting with the CEO of Das group of industries and they want us tomake their ad for their kitchen utensils. Also, he wants to meet all of you. So we are meeting him at 7 and you all can leave early at 5 today, so that you all can freshen up. But I want you all to be here at 6.30 sharp. And please. This is important so i want you all at your best behaviour. So don’t be late any of you.” He pauses there for a moment and then continues with a stern voice and says facing Siya now, “Specially you Ms. Agarwal.”

“What? Me?” Siya asks shocked. It had never been that she was late and yet he was saying this infront of all these people who respected her. What is he thinking.
“Yes. You Ms. Agarwal. You are the one who gives all the presentations always. And Mr. Das knows that. So you better be 10 minutes early than a minute late. Because I won’t wait for anyone. So, all of you keep that in mind.” Ryan says sternly. And then says when everybody is still standing as they were, “What are you waiting here for?! Go ahead and start working now.” Ryan says going behind his desk. Everyone leaves muttering under their breaths that something was wrong with him or probably he didn’t have his breakfast this morning. Everyone leaves except Siya.

She pretends to leave but doesn’t.
She turns around from the door and comes to his desk again and says, “What the hell was that about?”
“Excuse me?” Ryan says expressing his dislike towards her tone.
“Why did you say that? It was insulting.” Siya says in a hurt tone.
“You’re a girl Ms. Agarwal. And girls take time. That’s the only reason I said that.”
“I am NEVER late. And you know that.”
“Well you never know.” Ryan says shrugging.
Siya clearly hurt this time, turns when Ryan calls her, “Ms. Agarwal.”
“Why are you calling me that?”
“Calling you what?” Ryan says feigning ignorance.
“Ms. Agarwal. Why are you calling me that?”
“Because you are an employee and that’s how I address my employees. Anyway, just tell ManojJi to come in.” He says and gets back to work while Siya is standing there mute swallowing the will to say that they were friends and that she was not just and employee. She leaves quietly.
As soon as she goes, Ryan looks up with almost tears in his eyes saying to himself loudly, “I can’t believe I just did that to her. I hurt her. I hurt her so much. I am sorry Siya but I have no choice. I need to stay away from you till I sort the feelings of my own.”
He runs his hands from his hair and composes himself when the door is knocked by ManojJi.
They leave at 5 and Siya runs to her place and quickly gets dressed in something decent and impressive. She had prepared what she was going to say.
She gets back to the office where everyone was supposed to meet.
As she had planned, she was 15 minutes earlier than the given time.
But there was something she hadn’t planned for. There were some guys who were now staring at her.
She was standing in the parking area of office, when they start nearing her. She starts to move when a hand slides on her waist stops her.

She looks up to see Ryan looking stunningly handsome in his white T-shirt and a peach jacket with blue denims. They have an eye lock and the realisation of his hand on her waist dawns on him. He quickly takes his hand off her waist and holds her hand without a word unlocks his car and gets her seated while he stays outside and gives a glare to them that makes them flee.
She smiles inside the car. When he comes inside the car, she says sarcastically, “There are times when it’s not good to be before time, you know.” She gives him a sarcastic smile. Soon enough everybody arrives.
They leave, Siya and Ryan in total silence.
In the hotel, Siya was the star of the meeting. She handled everything so well and answered all the questions related to the presentation and the idea for the ad was simply brilliant. Ryan was impressed by her all over again.
When they had dropped everyone off, Siya wanted to make a conversation. She had rolled the whole evening and still Ryan had not said a word of appraisal. There was definitely something going in his mind. She opens her mouth to ask how did she do when he says, “You did well. And I am expecting of you to keep up your work and not get distracted.”

The momentary smile turns to a frown as quickly as it had come.
That night both of them didn’t sleep. Ryan with the guilt and Siya with pain.

Next day the same thing continues.

Though it was equally torturous to Ryan, he continues his torment. He, in fact, increases the level of public insults.

The next day when he continues this, she finally had enough with the tears. She goes to his cabin after everyone leaves to find him still working behind his desk. She starts shouting without a preamble “It’s enough okay. This is enough. I don’t understand why you are doing this? What did I do to you? And why are you behaving this way? What’s wrong with you?” She bangs her hands on the desk.

“I was and am like this. There is nothing wrong with me.” Ryan says slowly overthrown by the outburst.

She continues to shout, louder now, “Oh keep that crap with you, for God’s sake. I know you enough by now to know that you are not a Jerk. If there is something, tell me. Just tell me.” Siya softens by the last word.

“You don’t know me enough then.” Ryan says standing up from his desk finally. “You were right about the earlier opinion about me. But you were a fool to trust me. I wanted to hurt you, and I did.” Ryan had started walking towards her and reached near her. Siya was so shocked by this confession that she hadn’t realized this. That didn’t go unnoticed by Ryan and he stops a step before he usually does. “This can’t be. It can’t.” Tears now streaming out of her eyes.

But then she quickly wipes them out and says, “No. You are right. You are a Jerk. And you know why? Not because you are saying you did this intentionally to hurt me, but because you are hurting me now.”

She grabs his collar now and says, “I hate you. You get that? I hate you so much.” She wipes her tears again and storms out of the cabin and the office.

After she leaves, Ryan drops on the chair and he lets out the water that was struggling to come out of his eyes.

He wipes his tears and leaves the office upset.

They both go teary eyed to sleep that night to wake up to questions the next day which they cleverly avoid.

The next half day passes in formalities.

Ryan, after his lunch, is searching for a file in his cabin when he says aloud, “Damn man! If it were Siya, she would have given me immediately.” After a moment he realises and he sits back on his chair.

And continues saying aloud, “For once! Just for once Ryan Malhotra, just for a moment, is it possible for you to not think about her? All this.. All of this I have been doing to her and myself. I looked her down, insulted her, did not praise her, said that I was a Jerk and I bought tears to her eyes. In all of this I myself am so hurt. But still, these feelings are determined not to go. I thought doing all this will make it easier but it is just making harder. What am I supposed to do now?” He bangs his hand on his table and starts looking for the while again.
He had no clue that someone had heard all.


“If you know it, then tell me. What is it?” Ryan says hope in his eyes
“I don’t know.” Siya says not meeting his eyes.

“Siya. Look at me. You always have answers for everything. And I know you have for this question of mine too. Tell me.” Ryan says looking through her.

“I can’t.” She says turning to leave.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (Pt.16)

They leave smiling and have happy conversations during the time they are in the car. Suddenly, there’s a loud noise and the car stops.
“What happened?” Siya asks with a tinge of panic in her voice because the car had stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was a deserted road with no one around.
“I don’t know. Let me just check it out.” Ryan gets down from the car and opens the bonnet.
Siya comes out too and asks, “Did you find out what the problem is?”

“Yes. I think something is wrong with the fuel pump. We need a mechanic.” Ryan says figuring out.
“What? Where are we going to find a mechanic here? It’s a totally deserted road. What are we going to do?” Siya says now in panic.


“How am I supposed to relax? And why do Mr. And Mrs.Chhabariya had to keep the party in their farm house? Couldn’t it be at just their place? This is scary.” Siya says her fear rising.

“Relax Siya. I’ll call Soham to drive here with a mechanic. It will take some time. But we are not stuck here.” Ryan says taking his phone from the car and starts to call. He goes aside and talks hurriedly.

“He is on his way. Okay? Relax now.” Ryan says putting his hands on her arms.
A drop of water drops on Siya’s cheek and then another.
Ryan takes his hands from her arms and wipes away the drops of water on Siya’s cheeks and then they look up as more drops start to pour.

“Great.” Siya says sarcastically and continues throwing her hands in the air, “Now it’s raining.”

Ryan smiles as rains starts heavily.
He closes his eyes and enjoys the feels of rain on his face. Siya looks at him with an intense gaze.

She feels something stir inside her when Ryan runs his hands in his wet hair.

He looks towards Siya looking all the way more beautiful, wet in the rain. Her saree sticking to her body, giving away her features all the more. He notices her gaze and walks towards her slowly her eyes fixed with hers. When he comes close enough Siya starts taking step back just to meet the car. He comes close. He looks at her lips. He puts his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes in anticipation. With no resistance this time, all reasoning lost, he puts his lips on hers. They share a passionate kiss.

He slowly retrieves gaining his breath. He soon comes to his senses and realises what he did. Siya is still standing there, the way she was, with her eyes closed.

She realises what happened as her brain starts working again, which had gone numb with the feelings.

Ryan’s brain strikes the stupidest idea he would have ever got as he quickly paces to the bonnet back and starts fidgeting in the machine.

When Siya opens her eyes, she finds herself alone there and looks around to find Ryan far from her near the bonnet. She gets confused when he looks up and smiles normally. She gets thinking if the kiss really happened or not. But she wouldn’t have if she would have seen Ryan turning around and making faces giving away that he had no idea of what he was doing.

There is an awkward silence between them.

Soon Soham comes there in the car with the mechanic and they leave in the other car.

Siya gets thinking again and she was pretty sure that the kiss happened. But now what she was thinking was the weird behaviour of Ryan. Though she knew it was awkward and weird but he didn’t have to behave this way.

On the other hand all Ryan was doing was praying that she believes the whole making it a dream idea, which was almost impossible given her wits. And the other was cursing himself for no self control.

He drops Siya and could not leave till she went inside. Siya goes inside and in her room when Tisha comes out to see her, awake because of the sound of the lock opening.

Ryan gets back to his place and quickly changes into his night suit and lands on his bed.

He couldn’t get Siya out of his mind even for one second. He could not forget the touch of her lips on his. The feel that the kiss gave him. He could not stop thinking how stupid he behaved after that. And all he could do was shut his thoughts and try sleeping.

On the other hand all Siya could do was curse Ryan for being so immature. It was awkward for her too, but it didn’t mean that they had to behave like nothing happened. And then she was thinking how it all happened. And she can still remember the feel of his lips lingering on hers. She touches her lips slowly reminiscing his touch. She smiles and goes to sleep.

The next day they wake up and all they can think about was how are they going to face each other.

While having breakfast, Tisha says, “Siya you look different.”

“What? How?” Siya asks surprised as to how was last night’s incident showing on her face.

“Well, you look flushed.” Tisha says shrugging.

“No. Umm.. it’s nothing. You are just… It’s nothing.” Siya says waving it off.
“So, Siya what’s going on with you? We haven’t been talking so much these days.” Tisha starts to dig in.
Tisha had been noticing things with Siya since long. Her dressing had changed. She was trying to look better than she usually did. For two days she wore clothes she didn’t even like. She behaved weirdly around Ryan and last night while telling her she was going to some party with him she mentioned him with his name. She didn’t know what was going on and she didn’t understand why Siya was keeping it from her.

She feels overwhelmed thinking about it and says, “Why are you hiding things from me Siya?”

Siya suddenly feels very guilty and says, “Tish. I am sorry. Really. Okay. I will tell you everything.”
“So tell me.” Tisha says crossing her hands on her chest.
Thats when Siya sees on their wooden house shaped wall clock and says, “Tish, I would have told you everything right now but we will have to go to office because I think we are late.”
Tisha jerks her hand to look at her wrist watch and says, “Oh my god! We are late! Let’s run! They swing their bags on their shoulders but before they could leave Tisha holds Siya’s hand and says, “Promise me.”

“I promise.” They smile and rush to the office.

As soon as they reach to the door, Siya stops for a second thinking how was she supposed to face Ryan. She then thinks that it will be more like confronting him about his little act showing nothing happened.

Ryan had been thinking and planning on it too since morning. He had it all planned.

Siya and Tisha enter the office and Siya collectable reports and knocks on Ryan’s door.
She goes inside with a quick come in and says, “Here. The reports.” She keeps them on his desk.

He just hums it, not looking up from his laptop which angers her.

She says, anger clear in her voice, “I think we need to talk.”

“What about?” Ryan says not looking up still.
Siya comes around his desk and shuts his laptop and says, “First look at me!”
Ryan now looks up shocked with the anger and says, “Okay. Now I am. Go ahead.”

“I wanted to talk about last night.” Siya says a little calmly.

“What about last night?” He says keeping up his act.

That gets Siya on the peak of her anger and she says, “How stupid do you think I am? Behaving like nothing happened? Do you think i would buy that? Did you really think that?” Siya says without a pause.

Ryan stands up from his chair that makes Siya take a step back and he says, “Okay. I am sorry. And no! You are not stupid, I am. That whole act of mine was. I am sorry. I behaved like a baby.”

“Yes. You have been! How could you possibly do that after….” She stops not completing her sentence.
“Ya I did. N I am sorry. Okay? Ryan genuinely apologizes again.
“No. Not okay. It was stupid! Really stupid. You are stupid and you have been all time…” Siya started angrily again but she couldn’t complete her sentence because Ryan comes near, towering over her making her nervous now, he says, “I already apologised.”
Siya still angry says, “So what? You did such thing that you should and…”
She couldn’t complete her sentence when she was pulled aside near the wall, stuck between the two again.
“I already apologised twice Siya. That’s it. i usually don’t apologize. It’s just because you matter to me so much that…” Ryan stops mid-sentence when Siya looks up at him suddenly and their eyes meet, he realises what he said and feels something flutter in him. He closes the little gap that was between them as he starts looking at her lips and he remembers the feel of them and he couldn’t hold himself back.
Ryan’s phone starts ringing and he comes to his senses back.
He steps back and receives the call. As Siya turns to leave, he holds her hand and stops her. Telling the person on the other side of the phone that he will call back, he faces Siya and says, “I am sorry. Really.”
“It’s okay. And may be next time you shouldn’t do something to apologize for.” Siya had more to think of then being angry now.

“I am sorry for last night too.” Ryan said looking at her intensely.

“Oh. Are you?” She asks stunned. She pauses when he nods, she continues and says, “Good. We are sorted then. I should go and get back to work.”
“We okay?” Ryan says the only thing in his mind.
“Yeah. I think so.” Siya smiles and turns to leave when Ryan calls her again which makes her smile, “Thanks.” Is all he says with a smile back to his desk.
“Damn it. Why the hell can I not take my mind off her? Why is it that I can’t be away from her? Can I just not for once behave normally around her?” Ryan says to himself in his cubicle.
“What the hell is going on with me?” Ryan holds his heas between his hands.
After some thoughts he finally comes to a decision.
He calls a few important people from the staff including Siya.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (part 15)

They enter the party arm in arm when Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya come to welcome them.
“Oh. Finally you are here. I was beginning to think you would give an excuse and skip the party somehow.” Mr. Chhabariya shakes hand with Ryan and hugs him then.
“You know I wouldn’t do that.” Ryan says with a warm smile to that. “This is Siya. Siya Agarwal. She is a friend.” Ryan introduces Siya to Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya. “And Siya this is Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya.”
“Oh please. We are not in the office. Call us what you do kid.” Mrs. Chhabariya pats on his shoulder lightly, smiling.
“Oh my god! You are beautiful” She tells Siya then she turns towards Ryan and says, “She is really beautiful.”
Siya was really confused with everything going on but she kept on smiling because that was all she could do.
“I am Preeti and this is Ashok. We are Ryan’s parents’ family friends.” Mrs. Chhabariya says with a broad smile. She continues, “So, come on in. And enjoy the party.” She looks at Siya and then at Ryan and gives a look which Siya doesn’t quite understand.
Before she could ask or say anything they are hurried inside by Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya.
It was lavish party. From the decorations to the servings going on in the party, everything was done with preciseness and ofcourse by spending a lot according to Siya.
Ryan took Siya everywhere with him to meet people. She met some of his colleagues, some clients, some other family friends and so on. After a while Mrs. Chhabariya comes to them and says, “I hope you don’t mind if I take your partner with me, do you Ryan?” To which Ryan replies smiling, “Ofcourse not” after looking at Siya once. He lets go of his hand which he had been holding all the time then and eventhough he didn’t realise that he was holding he hand, he realises it’s absence immediately.
On Mrs. Chhabariya’s insistence she agrees to have a glass of orange juice on the bar they had arranged. With a glass of white wine in her hand, she asks, “So? Prefer to remain sober?”
“Always.” Says Siya raising the glass and toasting for anniversary.
“You know dear, Ryan has been a child to us too. Us and Ryan’s parents are like family. I have literally seen him grow up. He has grown to be a very handsome man.” Mrs. Chhabariya says nostalgically looking at Ryan. “After my son started his job in USA, Ryan has took his place and cared for us well.” Mrs. Chhabariya says now looking at Siya who is looking at Ryan now. Mrs. Chhabariya turns to look at Ryan too when Ryan turns to see Siya smiling at him already. On seeing Ryan turn towards her she smiles broadly and turns back to Mrs. Chhabariya.
She continues, “I am so glad he found you. You are beautiful and although I don’t know you, I am sure you must be very special that he chose you.” Siya was deep in thoughts with the revelations of Ryan’s emotional side but those words snaps Siya back.
“What?!” Siya asks shocked and confused still not sure what she heard was true.
“Why this reaction dear? I was just saying he is lucky to have you.” Mrs. Chhabariya says surprised and confused with what did she say wrong for Siya to give such a reaction.
“I am sorry dear if I have hurt you or said something I shouldn’t.” Mrs. Chhabariya says flustered.
Siya realises her reaction and immediately apologises, “No. No. Mrs. Chhabariya. I am sorry. For the reaction I gave. Really. It’s just that. You are misunderstanding. Me and Ryan are not together. We are not a couple.” Siya explains.
“What? That can’t be true.” Mrs. Chhabariya says in disbelief.
“Why is it so unbelievable?” Siya asks more confused now.
“Well, because you are pretty, beautiful, because the way you look at each other and most importantly,” she says pinpointing her reasons and continues, “because you are here.” She reveals.
“What do you mean?” Siya asks most confused than ever.
“Well, you see dear, this is a couple’s party. And you are here with him.” Mrs. Chhabariya says as if it was obvious.
“I thought Ryan already told you. I am just a friend. We are friends. Like the friends he has brought here before.” Siya says what was obvious to her now.
“What friends? He has never ever brought anyone here before!”
“What?” Siya was left speechless with this revelation and all she could get out of her mouth was, “Why?”
“Well, we always asked him to bring a friend but he never did. All he kept saying was, ‘This party is something very personal. And when I will get a suitable partner for this party, someone really special, I will bring her.’ So that is why, when he brought you here, we thought he was in a relationship with you.” Mrs. Chhabariya explains which shocks Siya. She looks at Ryan who was talking to others.
“And you know what, it’s not just that.” Mrs. Chhabariya continues. Siya wasn’t sure she wanted to hear more, but what she was sure that she had to.
“It isn’t just that too. Look at you two. So good looking, walking everywhere hand-in-hand, stealing glances at each other. You both look so much in love. Both of yours behaviour is not at all as friends, but as lovers. And may be you both don’t know it now. But you will. Soon” Mrs. Chhabariya concludes smiling and giving a tap on her hand as she turns towards the bar to order another glass of wine.
Mr. Chhabariya excuses himself and goes to the corner where Ryan was standing with some of his clients. As Mr. Chhabariya comes there, they talk for a while and excuses themselves leaving Mr. Chhabariya alone with Ryan. He smiles at him and they chit chat for some time before Mr. Chhabariya asks Ryan, “So? That girl. Siya. She is beautiful, I must say.” With that Ryan looks at Siya from where he was standing and says, “Yes. Yes, she is.”
Mr. Chhabariya turns where Ryan is looking and smiles when he sees Siya.
“So when did you both started dating?” Mr. Chhabariya says without a prologue.
“What?!” That snaps Ryan out of his dreamy stance as he was looking at Siya.
“What? I am just asking when did you both started dating.” Mr. Chhabariya repeats himself.
“No. We are just friends.”
“Yeah yeah. Your generation. Bollywood kind of friends, hah?”
“What? No! Uncle. We are just friends. Just good friends.” Ryan says shrugging.
“Really?” Mr. Chhabariya asks still suspicious.
“Yes. Absolutely.”
“Well, then it means you still don’t know that you love each other.”
“What?!” Ryan keeps getting shocks.
“Well, you love her, that’s for sure. You just don’t know it.”
“Uncle please.”
“Okay, I know you think I keep saying all these mad stuff, but it’s true. Okay. Let’s test it.”
“No please. I don’t want to.”
“I’ll just tell you what love is and it’s up to you to figure it out.” Mr. Chhabariya continues,
“C’mon it’s my anniversary and I have a right to be romantic today.”
“Fine.” Ryan says exhausted to argue.
“Good. Love is when you think about that one person all the time. When she takes control on your heart and mind. You would do anything to be with her. When she is upset, you’lldo anything to make her feel better. Her smiles make your heart flutter and her tears tear your heart apart. She makes you laugh and she is the one capable to make you cry. She is the one you feel different for and you would do anything for.” Mr. Chhabariya says giving a definition of love.
“Wow. But it’s nothing like that with us. Okay?”
“Really? I thought that would make you realise.”
“Uncle.” Ryan says tilting his head showing its getting too much.
“Okay.” Mr. Chhabariya says raising his hands in defiance.
They go for a drink together.
After a while, Ryan and Siya though thoughtful decide to not think about it anymore and start going hand in hand everywhere again subconsciously.
“Hey, Siya.” Says a familiar voice from their back.
As they turn, the face boils the blood in Ryan and the smile turns to a frown which goes unnoticed by the person who was busy gawking at Siya.
“Hi,” Siya says surprised. She then looks at Ryan and continues, “Yuvraj.” She says smiling to herself first and then at Yuvraj.
She shakes hands with Yuvraj as he raises his. He rubs his thumb on her hand which makes Siya uncomfortable.
Ryan’s anger rises further as he sees this.
He raises his hand to Yuvraj and says, “Hi Mr. Agnihotri.”
“Hi.” Yuvraj says shaking hands quickly and completely ignoring him.
“You look so beautiful.” Yuvraj says checking her out which makes Siya more uncomfortable. He smiles at her when he sees she has noticed.
At that moment Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya announces dance and before Ryan could ask, Yuvraj had already asked Siya for the dance. Siya agreed immediately, smiling.
What Ryan didn’t know was that though Siya was uncomfortable, she wanted Ryan to confess that he is jealous like she did.
Yuvraj gestures Siya in the gentleman’s pose of asking for a dance. Siya takes his hand and they leave for the dance floor for Ryan to see.
Yuvraj keeps his hands on Siya’s waist and Siya keeps her hands on his shoulders.
Siya’s mind was racing with the thoughts of Ryan confessing of his jealousy when she feels the hands on her waist tighten.
She looks up at Yuvraj in surprise but when she steals a glance at Ryan and sees the effect on him, she prefers to stay mute.
Gaining confidence with Siya’s silence he pulls her towards him, keeping no distance between them. Slowly, his hands starts to slide down. While Siya was too shocked to react, a hand stops him from going down further. Siya looks up to see Ryan. She smiles at him in relief and asks Yuvraj, “Do you mind if I have MY date back to dance with me?” She emphasises on the word ‘My’.
Siya feels secure as soon as Ryan puts his hand on her waist. She takes a step forward and leans her head on his chest.
“Hmm.” Is all he manages to say.
They slow dance on the song not knowing what was being played.
Everyone starts clapping and Mrs. Chhabariya takes a chit from the bowl and announces Ryan and Siya’s name for a couple dance leaving Siya stunned and Ryan surprised.
“What? What is this? Why us? What’s going on?”
“Well, every year Mrs. Chhabariya takes out a couple’s name from the bowl and they have to do this couple dance.”
“So we’ll have to?”
“Yes. Let’s go. And don’t worry. We’ll not a make a fool of ourselves. Trust me. I have seen people here.” Ryan says laughing.
What they didn’t see was Mrs. Chhabariya winking at her husband.
They go on the stage and the song ‘jaadu hai nasha hai’ plays leaving them shocked.
It was a slow sensuous song but they didn’t have a choice except to dance on it.
They go with the flow and dance sensuously on it. At the end both were in each other’s arms breathing heavily not because of the dance but because of the closeness.
They could have kissed there, on the stage, if the crowd didn’t started clapping.
They adjust their clothes, trying to get their breathing back to normal.
Siya is looking everywhere, when she sees outside the door ajar in the lawn, he finally sees Ryan.
“Hey.” She says, “what are you doing here?”
“I needed my calm.” Ryan says directing the lawn and pats on the parapet, where he was sitting, beside him.
Siya sits beside him.
They stay quiet for a moment before Siya says, “Thank you. You know. For helping me out of the situation.”
He says, “Yes. That. What were you thinking?” He almost shouts. “Going with Yuvraj and smiling like that?”
Siya is taken aback by the authority in his voice and concern in his eyes.
She looks down and says, “I was just..” she hesitates and then confesses and says, “I just wanted you to confess that you are jealous of him. That’s it. But I guess. Wrong plan with the wrong person.”
“Yes. Absolutely. And you wanted me to confess. Okay fine. I am jealous. The way you
call him ‘yuvraj’ when you can’t call Me that. And the way he looks at you. And the way you smile at him. More than jealous, I was… I was just being protective. I don’t know why you didn’t see that but he is pervert. The way he looks at you, I just wanna…” And he bangs his fist on the parapet shocking Siya. Siya is moved by the confession.
“Calm down. It’s ok. I am okay. And I was always uncomfortable around him. But he was a client. And I had to be good around him. That’s it.” Siya says truthfully. Ryan nods at this not saying anything. He looks at her and he starts moving his hand towards Siya’s cheek.
Siya is confused by this and starts moving her head away. Ryan just does notice that and thumps loudly on the pillar on her side.
Siya looks at him in surprise.
“Let’s go from here now.” Ryan says standing up. He gives her a hand and she stands up too.
“Wait! What was that?”
“Oh. Nothing. Just a lizard.”
“What?!” Siya asks almost jumping and hugs him in fear.
“Hahahaha.” Ryan laughs. “You are scared of it? Oh my god!” And he laughs a little more. Siya looks up from his chest still in his arms and then punches him in his chest and then moves back.
“Oh please. Everybody has a fear of something. Hey Ryan, just come this side. There’s a cat.”
“What?!” It was Ryan’s turn to jump and Siya’s turn to laugh.
“Very funny.” Ryan says faking a smile.
“Not so funny. Yes? Exactly.” Siya says still giggling.
Ryan starts to walk and Siya takes two quick steps to walk with Ryan.
She looks down thinking about asking the question which she has been thinking for a while.
“Hey I wanted to ask you something.” Siya says building up courage finally.
“Mrs. Chhabariya said your family and theirs are family friends. You didn’t tell me that?” Siya asks building up.
“I thought you’ll end up being shy and awkward because they are our family friends and that’s why I didn’t tell you.” Ryan admits and continues and says, “I am sorry. I should have told you the truth.”
“No. Its okay. You are right. I wouldn’t have.”
Siya says admitting too.
“What I wanted to ask you is, Mrs. Chhabariya said that, ” she pauses and continues, “you have never brought anyone in this party as your +1 before. Then why me this time?”
Siya asks, finally coming to the point.
“Oh. How did you..? How did you….”
“How did I know that? Aunty told me.”
“Oh.” Ryan didn’t know what to say.
“Aunty hah? You’ve got close to her it seems.” Ryan tries to change the topic.
“Yeah. She is amazing.” She says smiling and then continues, “So?”
“So what?”
“Why?” They stop walking and Siya looks at Ryan with expecting gaze.
“Listen. I don’t know why Preeti aunty had to tell you this. There was no need of it.”
“But she already did. So answer me.”
Ryan gives up and starts speaking, “Fine. It’s just that, I always wanted to bring someone here who is special. Who knows what these people mean to me. What this party means to me. And my friends are great and all, but I never felt that I should bring anyone here.” Ryan looks at her and something stirs inside him, probably his feelings he was yet to figure out.
“You are special to me okay. I dont know how. But I don’t feel the same with you as I do with others. You are different.” Ryan admits.
They share an eye lock. She takes a step forward. But before they could get intimate again, Ryan clears his throat and takes a step back and says, “We should probably go.”
“Yes. We should.” Siya says looking down. And they leave towards where the party was. They take leave from the hosts and starts towards the parking lot.
“What happened?” Siya asks shocked.
“I don’t know. Let me just check it out.” Ryan gets down from the car and opens the bonnet.
Siya comes out too and asks, “Did you find out what the problem is?”
“Yes. I think something is wrong with the fuel pump. We need a mechanic.” Ryan says figuring out.
“What? Where are we going to find a mechanic here? It’s a totally deserted road. What are we going to do?” Siya says now in panic.
“Relax. I’ll call Soham to drive here with a mechanic. It will take some time. But we are not stuck here.” Ryan says taking his phone from the car and starts to call. He goes aside and talks hurriedly.
“He will come as soon as possible. Okay? Relax now.” Ryan says putting his hands on her arms.
A drop of water drops on Siya’s cheek and then another.
Ryan takes his hands from her arms and wipes away the drops of water on Siya’s cheeks and then they look up as more drops start to pour.
“Great.” Siya says sarcastically and says, “Now it’s raining.”
Ryan smiles as rains starts heavily.
He closes his eyes and enjoys the feels of rain on his face.
Siya looks at him with an intense gaze.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (part14)

Siya returns to her desk and sighs heavily. and her string of thoughts starts as soon as she opens her files to work.
‘what did I just do? I should not have mentioned that!’
‘But he was amused by my jealousy, I had to give him back something.’

‘Yes. Something. But not that.’
She holds her hair in her fist and says aloud, “Damn.”

She shuts her chain of thoughts and starts working.

The day ends and at night both’s thoughts wandering around their intimacy and closeness in the office. Also, the whole jealousy incident had left both in a question of why.
Next day Siya goes to Ryan’s cabin with the reports and plans to just keep it and come out of there with no contact and conversation. And even if they do have a conversation, to keep it short.

Siya had it all planned out and was working well, till..


Siya closes her eyes tightly to gain confidence, sighs and turns to face Ryan.


“Yesterday.. what you said..” Ryan hesitates when Siya takes the opportunity and says, “oh. What? I didn’t say anything.” And she leaves taking her steps in quick movement.

She leaves and thanks all the gods while Ryan is left in surprise with everything.
After lunch, Siya was going along from cafeteria to her desk when Ryan tries to grab the opportunity but before he could say anything, Tisha calls her and he leaves again.

At 5.30 Ryan figures he has to talk to her before the day ends and so calls on her intercom and calls her to bring some files.

Siya didn’t have a clue about it and figured all the files she didn’t know about are in Ryan’s cabin.

She knew Ryan didn’t know much about the stuff before he joined the office, so she knocked and entered the cabin after a ‘come in’ from the inside.

Ryan looks up at her and closes his laptop.
Siya figures he wants to talk again and so starts saying hurriedly, “I know you don’t how things were before you joined but I think you start learning about it. The file you asked for is here, in your cabin.”

She avoids eye contact and looks for a chair and climbs up so that she doesn’t have to look at him.

All she knew was she wanted some time to figure the intimacy they had and the answer to her why.

She starts fidgeting around the drawers on the top shelf when her balance slips and Ryan notices that and comes to the save.
He gives her support with his hand on her waist and her left hand on his shoulder.

They share a small eye lock before Ryan slowly holds her hand and brings her down.
Siya still avoids eye contact by looking down.

“There. In the first drawer from left in the bottom drawers. The file I asked is there.” Ryan says surprising Siya.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t know? It’s my office and my cabin. Ofcourse I know. I thought you might send file with someone else to avoid me if I asked you some other file. So i asked from the one that’s in my cabin. So that you would think what you did and come to my cabin yourself.” Ryan reveals.

“What? You.. You did that intentionally? Why?”

Siya asks surprised.

“Exactly. I have the same question. Why? Why are you behaving like this? And What did you mean with that handshake conversation?” Ryan asks all the questions in a breath.

“It’s nothing. Its all nothing.”

Siya walks to leave from her left but finds Ryan in the way.

“Nothing? You are still avoiding me. You are not even looking at me and it’s all nothing? What’s the matter?”

“I told you. There nothing ok. Just like that.”

Siya tries to leave from the right this time but finds Ryan in her way again.

“Really? Nothing? Okay. Let’s put it this way.” Ryan closes in by taking a step forward. Siya is surprised now and looks at him.

“Yes. Now you look at me.” Ryan takes a step forward again to which Siya takes a step back.

“You tell me all the answers to my questions or we are not going anywhere.”

“We’ll get locked in here. Nobody would know we are here.” Siya says even more surprised with this.

“Exactly.” And Ryan smirks.

“I have Tisha. She’ll know I am not there and she’ll call.”

“I’ll make you tell her that you left.” Siya says shocked.

“You can’t do that.”

“Oh I can!”

The whole time during the conversation Ryan keeps taking a step forward and Siya a step back and now she has nowhere to go as she is stuck between Ryan and the wall and unlike last time Ryan has already placed his hands on her sides so she can’t run.
“So the answers.”

Ryan says coming close.

“Ryan..” Siya says looking down.
As Ryan comes close to her and pulls her chin up so that she is looking at him now and says, “Better.”

He comes closer now so that they are not even an inch apart.

He goes to her ear and whispers, “answers” in a husky voice.

“Ryan.. please.” Siya says with her eyes closed.

Ryan comes back to look at her and feels the need, want and the intimacy. He gets all the answers he needed.

Ryan coughs and takes a step back. He knew now and he thinks of staying at a distance from her.

With that thought he takes two steps back again and says after clearing his throat, “I think, I think I will manage. You can leave.” He straightens his coat and sits on his seat and starts working on his laptop.
Siya straightens her hair and clothes and starts to leave. She stops at the door and looks back at him. She smiles to herself looking at Ryan, knowing that he understood everything and her trust on him increased ten folds in that precise moment knowing he knows his limits.

She turns back to the door and leaves.

Ryan looks at the door and keeps thinking about all the incidents till the peon comes to clean the table and lets him know that it’s time to go home.

That night both of them sleep late and have to run to the office next morning because they wake up late, both on an oath to stay at an arm’s distance atleast.

But soon they find out that both of them are waiting for the other to take a move to get closer.

As none does, both leave from the office that day disappointed.

The next day both of them are prepared with being at a safe distance and act normal and not to expect from the other to take a move to get closer. Siya was more at ease than Ryan.
When Ryan enters his cabin his day after an awkward some instance between them, he was angry at how things got this weird between them and throws the file in his hand on the table. The file hits the glass of water and it falls down and shatters into pieces.

Ryan sighs at the situation he is in and calls ManojJi to clean it up. He sits on his chair and gets to work. On saying a quick come in on the knock, Ryan, who was expecting ManojJi looks up from his laptop. It was Siya, looking as beautiful as ever. His thoughts linger at how beautiful she is even in normal day-to-day clothes.

Suddenly his hand has cramps and he gives a wail of pain. Siya quickly comes near him and asks what happened.

“Nothing” Ryan says quickly as she lifts her hand to touch his.

Siya drops her hand and turns to leave.

She hadn’t seen the shattered glass pieces yet and was about to step on it which Ryan notices and immediately is on her feet, holds her hand and sound her around.

She is in his arms again is what Siya thinks.
But it was okay for her. She was okay with it. She felt good in fact. Probably because she was so used to it now. And Ryan comes closer when they hear a knock and they come to their senses and leave their chain of thoughts.

After clearing his throat, Ryan says in his defense, “there are pieces of shattered glass there. You better watch your step.”

“Thanks. And I don’t need to watch my step, because I know you will there to protect me like you did right now. Thanks again.”

Their short eye lock gets broken when Manoj Ji knocks and they shift themselves at an acceptable distance as Ryan calls him in and Siya leaves when ManojJi starts cleaning the floor.

Two days pass of that incident and though Siya has fooled herself in believing that their intimacy was Ryan’s concern and their growing friendship and just a tinge of attraction, Ryan was wiser in figuring out that it wasn’t ‘Just Friendship’ they were Sharing. Ryan was still in confusion about the growing attraction and the need to be around her.

He was thinking about the same when his phone vibrates as the phone rings. As soon as he sees the name of the caller he smiles broad.

“Ryan?” Says the person on the other side.

“Mrs. Chhabariya.” Ryan says with a smile as he speaks.

“Don’t call me that.” Says Mrs. Chhabariya from the other side. “It’s been years since we know each other.” She said her voice giving away her smile. They talk for some time. After the call ends, Ryan has a thought and is confused.
At around the time to leave, Ryan calls Siya on her intercom, finally deciding what he wants.

He just says, “stay back after office.” And with her “okay” as an answer, he disconnects.
After office, he takes her to a coffee shop. Ryan had never felt so nervous before. But on Siya’s question as to why he had brought her there he gathers all the courage he had and asks, “will you be my partner in a party?”

Siya who had thought countless things in her head by now didn’t expect this coming. She was overthrown by the question and counter questions him with, “what party?” She asks in surprise.
“It’s Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya’s 25th anniversary. They have invited me. It’s always a couple thing. And as always I need to take a partner with me. So? Can we go together? Will you come?” Ryan asks now anxious for her answer.
“Couple?!” Siya asks surprised clearly focused on that word leaving everything else.

“Hey. Listen. Friends are allowed. We’ll be going together as friends. And don’t worry about anything else. I’ll handle everything.”

“Oh. Okay.” She says after a thought.

“By the way, this Mr. And Mrs. Chhabariya. Are they the ones who are our permanent clients?”

“Yes.” Ryan testifies.

“So, When is the party?”

“Two days later. Sunday. 7 p.m.”
“Okay. I’ll be ready then.”


As soon as she agrees Ryan sees a girl in a sexy outfit, giving a walk that obviously gets her attention from all the guys.

Siya notices this and says, “Men” and rolls eyes at her.

“What? Guys love when girls seduce them. And that’s why they look at other girls. It’s only because their girls don’t do that.”

“Oh please. You guys look at such girls anyway. And we girls can be seductive and sexy whenever we want. We just don’t do such things in public like her.”
“Haha. Good one.” Ryan says faking a laugh and a smile and then says, “That’s not true. Only when they don’t get it from who they want, they look at these kinda girls. Now look at you. Can you be this seductive and sexy? Wear such outfits for your man? No.”

“What? Hello! I can be seductive and sexy if I want, it’s just that I don’t choose to be. And I don’t even need to wear such clothes.”
“Really? You think you can be seductive? What a dream you are living in!”
“You don’t believe me?!”
“Ofcourse not.” Ryan replies immediately. “I am sorry but you don’t have that quality.”
Siya is now angry. She had never been this angry before. But she didn’t even know why they were having this conversation in first place. But still manages to say, “You offended me.”
“What’s true, it’s true. You can never seduce a guy like me. Accept the facg” Ryan says shrugging.
“Oh. I can. Easily.” Siya says in a challenging tone putting her hands now on the table.
“Really? Okay. I’ll give you a chance to prove it. Try and Seduce me. And we’ll see.” Ryan says putting his hands on table as well.
“Okay. We’ll see.” Siya says confidently, now smirking as she stands up and takes her bag to leave. Ryan runs behind her and tells her that he’ll drop to which she agrees with her head still high.
The next day, Tisha is shocked when Siya comes out ready for the office unsure of the change in Siya. It was because the Siya she knew wouldn’t ever be dressed like that.
Siya saw that it was 9.55 a.m. and so started fidgeting around finding something.
As soon as Ryan enters and looks at Siya’s desk like he usually did, he sees a girl bent over Siya’s desk looking something. Her bottom in air and a just above knee length tight one-piece purple dress with cap sleeves and high stilettos. Her all straight hair covering the face. The sight definitely caught Ryan’s eyes.
But as soon as the girl turned around while Ryan was just near Siya’s desk, he couldn’t believe the face he saw. It was Siya. He didn’t believe his eyes. Siya had wore make up. Her eyes were given a touch with an eye liner which made them prettier. She had put a Red lipstick on her lips that drew his attention immediately on them. He didn’t expect that she could look so sexy. Yes. He always knew that she was beautiful. So much. But Sexy and this much. He definitely didn’t expect. He had to control himself from touching her immediately and so he ignored the smirk on her face and left for his cabin.
Siya had a big smirk on her face because the expression on Ryan’s clearly gave away that he didn’t expect that the sexy girl’s ass he was staring at was her.

All of this game of Ryan and Siya didn’t go unnoticed by Tisha. She knew by now that something was definitely going on.

Once Ryan was safely in his office, he finally breathes. It was as if he had stopped breathing from the time he saw her bent and her heart had skipped a beat when he saw it was Siya.

Soon there was a knock at the door which Ryan knew was obviously Siya. He straightens his tie and breathes heavily once again and opens his laptop and starts working before he says ‘come in.’

Siya comes in and puts down the files on her desk and smirks when she sees that he is trying his hardest to concentrate on work but is failing as he steals glances at her.

As she turns her hand ‘accidentally’ hits the files and the papers falls down. She bends to take the papers giving Ryan a little peak of the start of her milky white thighs. She gets up and adjusts her hair. She smirks again as he sees Ryan staring at her with his mouth in an O. He quickly looks up as he realises what he is doing. He clears his throat and gets to work. She leaves with a cat walk which sways her hips and Ryan stared at the closed door for some time. He was still in shock that Siya was looking so sexy. Everything that he said the previous day was worth it. But then a thought comes to his mind which boils his blood. The thought was that if he was gawking at her this way when she was his friend and they had this unknown connection, what about the guys outside his cabin in the office. They must be gawking at her too. And when she came to the office, the men on the way too must be looking at her perversely. He had to restrict himself from calling Siya immediately and showing her the taste of his anger.

He had to win this game of tease of Siya and so he controls himself.

The whole day he gets teased by Siya and even though Ryan tried to talk Siya out of this but Siya was too much into the game to understand this.

Next day the whole thing happened again.

At lunch time, he heard some men talking about her in the men’s room.

The first man says, “damn she is sexy.”

“Yeah man she is. I had never thought that this woman who was always covered from tip to toe had such a sexy body from inside.” The second man agrees.

“Damn she is a tease. I would do anything to have her.” The first man looks at Siya as if unraveling her clothes.

Ryan had heard enough to come out of the restroom. The men saw Ryan and stopped talking. They walked out quietly and as soon as they were out, Ryan banged his hand on the wall.

He calls Siya in his cabin. As Siya enters Ryan stands up and walks towards her. Siya has that winning smirk on her face.

“Siya, just stop it ok.” Ryan says seriously.

“Stop what?” Siya says feigning ignorance with a smirk.

“You know exactly what.”

“No. I don’t.” Says Siya still not giving up.

“Okay. What do you want?” Ryan asks seriously.

“Admit.” Siya says, now coming to the point.

“Fine. I admit. You are sexy. And you look sexy and be seductive whenever you want.” Ryan says to end this whole matter. Ryan though had admitted to himself long time back but saying it aloud did feel weird and he felt as if he was drawn more towards Siya in an intimate way. But he continues putting all the thoughts aside, “Happy?” He says pretending saying it to end the discussion which Siya obviously knew.

“Oh don’t pretend. I am not letting it go till you mean it.” She turns to leave when Ryan pulls her against the wall between his hands that were rested on the wall.

Siya starts breathing heavily when Ryan says, “Give it up Siya.” And he adds, “please.”

Siya is surprised with the request word.

But stays put on her words, “not till you mean what you say.”

“Fine.” Ryan gives up. He looks into her eyes and says, “You are sexy. So sexy. I always found you beautiful. But didn’t know that you were so sexy. You are looking so sexy that I can kiss you right now.” Ryan says in the flow. Siya takes a sharp intake of breath. He then realises what he said and then takes a step back like always and tries to mend things, “I meant…” And clears his throat, “I mean, you are sexy and seductive. Thats it.”

Siya is still in shock of what Ryan just said when Ryan says, “Look. Siya. You don’t know men. And it’s not just me who’s at the office. Just please. Don’t wear such dresses again in the office. Please.”

Siya had yet another shock with Ryan’s so many ‘please’. She was shocked that Ryan cared so much about her. She had seen the glances she got from the men of office but she was too involved in the bet to back out. Now with this concern from him, she realises, it mattered to him. She mattered to him. He cares for her.

With all these things sinking in she just manages to say, “Okay. I wont.”

Ryan sighs and takes a step back though he is already at an arm’s distance and says in his business self, “good. You can go now.”
Siya leaves deep in thoughts. As soon as Siya leaves he sinks into the chair and says to himself aloud, “what the fuck did I just do? Damn it! Why can’t I just stay away from her? And why did I have to say about the kiss? Infact why did i say that at all? Why did I even think about that? Why did I feel that?” He had so many questions and no answers.

He shuts his thoughts and gets back to work.

The next day passes by. For Ryan with his questions and for Siya with the confessions of Ryan. Siya gets ready for the evening thinking how she was going to face Ryan after yesterday where Ryan was been haunted by the same questions.

But when they see each other stunned by the other’s looks. Siya was wearing pink saree with silver white blouse that had shining work on it. The saree’s border had shining work on it too. The saree had simple work in it. But it was looking beautiful on her. She was looking sexy. But ofcourse Ryan wasn’t going to bring that up. She had wore heels which added to her beauty.

Ryan had wore a suit. White shirt, black coat and pants. He wore a Fossil’s silver metal belt watch. Siya swore to herself at this moment that if he wouldn’t have been a businessman he would have been a model.

They take steps towards each other with a smile all awkwardness forgotten.

Both of them say together, “Wow!” which brings a blush on Siya’s face as she looks down being shy. Her hair flicks fall on her cheek. Her hair had obviously been straightened just making her more beautiful. Ryan blushes too with a raise in his eye brow. He had never blushed before. With that realisation he stops blushing and says, “Shall we?” As he points towards his car and opens the car door for her. She gets inside and Ryan takes the driver’s seat. They leave for the party venue together.


“What?!” Siya asks almost jumping and hugs him in fear.

“Hahahaha.” Ryan laughs. “You are scared of it? Oh my god!” And he laughs a little more. Siya looks up from his chest still in his arms and then punches him in his chest and then moves back.

“Oh please. Everybody has a fear of something. Hey Ryan, just come this side. There’s a cat.”

“What?!” It was Ryan’s turn to jump and Siya’s turn to laugh.

“Very funny.” Ryan says faking a smile.

“Not so funny. Yes? Exactly.” Siya says still giggling.

Ryan starts to walk and Siya takes two quick steps to walk with Ryan.

She looks down thinking about asking the question which she has been thinking for a while.
“Hey I wanted to ask you something.” Siya says building up courage finally.

“Mrs. Chhabariya said your family and theirs are family friends. You didn’t tell me that?” Siya asks building up.

“I thought you’ll end up being shy and awkward because they are our family friends and that’s why I didn’t tell you.” Ryan admits and continues and says, “I am sorry. I should have told you the truth.”

“No. Its okay. You are right. I wouldn’t have.”
Siya says admitting too.

“What I wanted to ask you is, Mrs. Chhabariya said that, ” she pauses and continues, “you have never brought anyone in this party as your +1 before. Then why me this time?”

Siya asks, finally coming to the point.

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong (pt.13)

The next few days pass in smiles, blushes and thoughts about each other.
“Hey.” Ryan calls Siya as she turns to leave to which she smiles and turns to look at him.

“Let’s go and have coffee after office.” Ryan suggests.
“Sure.” Siya approves.

They have coffee together and talk about their lives.

“Yes. I miss them. I miss them so much. And i know they miss me too. But when you want to follow and chase your dreams you need to get out of your comfort zone to do it. I just wanted one chance. One chance to prove myself. And I did it. I landed here. And working for this company is a dream come true.” Siya tells Ryan when he asks her the reason to stay in Mumbai away from her family.
“I can understand. I studied in London for 3 years and I can understand what it feels like to sacrifice being with them to follow your dreams. But now when I look back, I don’t understand how I did it. Because I can’t even think of it now.” Ryan tells his side of the story.

“Your mom is quite cool. She is very nice.” Siya says thinking about her meeting with Mrs. Malhotra.

“Yeah. She is. You know how boys are so shy with their mothers? Or I should say their parents. I am quite the opposite. I am very frank with my mom and dad. They are quite chilled with everything.” Ryan says smiling.

“It must be great to have such parents who understand you and support you.” Siya says with a sad smile.

“Yeah. But we should feel lucky with the thought of having parents in the first place.” Ryan says holding her hand that was on the table.

Siya looks at the hands and then him and then says, “when did you become such a philosopher?” Asks Siya raising eyebrows with a smile.

“Well, let’s just say it’s an effect of the company I am in since the last few days.” Ryan replies with a smirk.
“Umm hmm.. and who is that?” Siya replies feigning ignorance.

“Well, it’s a girl. A girl who has the ability to change the world. So changing me and my way of thoughts is a very small task for her.” Ryan smiles at her and gives a wink. Siya giggles and blushes at this.

And they have further talks, smiling, giggling and laughing their heart out.

“Its late. We should leave now.” Ryan says at 8.

“Yeah. We should.”
On reaching home Tisha inquires again and Siya gives her the excuse naming Ryan as Rita.

At night Siya slept wondering why she was lying to Tisha. She was her best friend and she deserved to know.

But Siya herself was unaware with the fact that the feelings that were changing for Ryan was very personal and she wanted to keep that to herself.

The weekend passes by with talking to each other in call (in absence of Tisha, ofcourse).
On Monday, when Ryan was in his cabin thinking about Siya, he gets a call.

Everyone is seated in the conference room when Ryan enters and Siya smiles on seeing him. He looked as dashing as ever.
Siya was too busy drooling over him when he calls her name.

“Ms. Agarwal.” He calls her name the second time smirking at her. Knowing that she had not heard a word till then, he repeated,

“The Agnihotris want an ad prepared in 3 days on their clothing brand. I want You to do the presentation. Can we make it possible? I have to give them an answer ASAP.”

Siya now listening to the whole point, comes into her regular work mode says, “Yes sir. I can. The presentation will be ready till tomorrow morning and we can edit, add music and dub it in two days.”

“Great.” Says Ryan impressed again with her self confidence. “Then let’s get to work guys.” Ryan says clapping his hands and boosting confidence in the team.

“Mr. Yuvraj Agnihotri? Ryan Malhotra speaking. I wanted to inform you that we accept the deal and your ad will be prepared in 3 days.” To the reply in surprise, Ryan continues to say, “we have a very effective team and very effective writers” Ryan says looking at Siya from his window. “I can assure you the best of our work even with limited time. Great. See you at 3.00 pm then. Goodbye.” Ryan says in his business self.

At 3.00 pm, Yuvraj Agnihotri comes to Ryan’s cabin and says, “Mr. Malhotra.” And gives his hand for a handshake to which Ryan says, “Mr. Agnihotri.” Ryan nods taking his hand.

“I hope you have some good set of ideas Mr. Malhotra.”

“Yes. We do. Our writers are best in their work. Specially the one who is going to prepare the presentation, she is the best.”

And Ryan praises a little more about Siya.

Siya enters Ryan’s cabin on his ‘come in’ on her knock.

Ryan who was looking into the contract looks up to see Siya wearing a sky blue dress with some pearl on her neck and full sleeves. A chudidar dress looking beautiful on her.

Yuvraj Agnihotri who had been checking his mails looks up to see the employee Ryan Malhotra has been talking about.

He was stunned with the sight his eyes were witnessing.

Yuvraj, who was a flirt, looks at her with lustful eyes.
Both of them get up from their seats as they look at her.

Ryan turns to introduce Yuvraj to Siya sees the looks in his eyes.

Ryan coughs to take Yuvraj out of his thoughts and introduces, “Mr. Agnihotri, this is Ms.Siya Agarwal. And this is” and Yuvraj cuts him off in the middle, and extending his hand says, “Yuvraj Agnihotri.” Siya takes his hand for a handshake. “Pleasure to meet you Ms. Agarwal.” He continues saying, “Mr. Malhotra has been talking a lot about you. About your work.” Siya looks at Ryan at this while Yuvraj continues holding her hand.
The whole act does not go unnoticed by Ryan as he strongly holds Yuvraj’s other hand and says “Mr. Agnihotri. Let’s talk about the ideas now.” And shows him his seat again.

Siya goes on explaining about all the ideas all of them had discussed.

Siya keeps on talking as Yuvraj just looks lustfully at her rubbing his finger on his lips while Ryan rounds his fist under the table seeing the look in Yuvraj’s eyes.
“So? What do you like?” Siya asks Yuvraj at the end.
“You.” Yuvraj says with a smirk and quickly amends his statement on Siya’s reaction of surprise saying, “I mean what do you like? Which idea from these?”

“Oh. I prefer this one.” Siya says uncomfortably now.

“Yes. Me too. I think it’s perfect according to your description you gave me.” Ryan interrupts them.
“Great.” Yuvraj says first looking at Ryan as if he had interrupted in something beautiful going on and then completes his sentence smiling at Siya says, “Then we’ll go with this one.”

He stands to leave and presents his hand for a handshake to Siya.

Siya takes his hand as he says,

“You are great. I mean your work. Your ideas and the way of explaining. It was fabulous. I must say Mr. Malhotra didn’t say it all without a reason.”

“Thank you Mr. Agnihotri.” As siya tries to take his hand away. But Yuvraj’s hold gets tighter. Siya looks at him in surprise.

“Please. Call me Yuvraj.”

“Okay. Yuvraj.” Siya smiles as she tries to take away her hand again but fails as Yuvraj does not loosen his grip.

The whole act did not go unnoticed by Ryan as he looks at Yuvraj in anger. He comes forward and says, “Thank you Mr. Agnihotri. For this opportunity.” He presents his hand for a handshake which now Yuvraj had to take in compulsion of business ethics and leave Siya’s.

As soon as Yuvraj takes his hand Ryan holds it tight and refuses to leave whereas Siya who had been clearly uncomfortable now grasps this opportunity and says “I’ll take your leave now Sir, Yuvraj.” And she leaves without looking back. Ryan leaves Yuvraj’s hands as soon as Siya is out of the door.

“Hope to see you soon Mr. Agnihotri.”

“See you soon too. In three days.” Yuvraj says looking at Siya out of the window.

“Goodbye Mr. Malhotra.” And Yuvraj leaves the office.

Ryan who’s blood had boiling since the first look Yuvraj gave Siya, punches his desk loudly in anger. Ryan was angry about the situation he was in.

He cannot do anything because Yuvraj was his client. An important client. And he cannot bear him a minute. The way he was looking at Siya, Ryan could have plucked out his eyes and given it to dogs.

But he cannot do anything except watch. And with that thought, he punches the desk again.

Siya, who was now seated at her desk, thanks Ryan in her mind as she gets back to work.

They work hard for three days on the presentation.

Three days later, Yuvraj Agnihotri is seated in the conference room as Siya enters the room.

She remembers her previous meeting with Yuvraj and stops for a moment and then shuts away all the negative thoughts.

She ignores him as he stands up to greet her and says, “Let’s start the presentation.”

Siya, who was a master at her work, presents it exceptionally well. Yuvraj, who was clearly distracted by his own chain of thoughts whereas, Ryan was distracted by the look and the behaviour of Yuvraj Agnihotri towards Siya. He was clearly not handling it well.

The presentation gets over quickly and they sign the deal, though Ryan doubts, it was more because of Siya then her presentation. As Siya was about to leave Yuvraj calls her, “Siya!”

“Yes?” Siya turns to see Yuvraj.

“Yes Mr. Agnihotri.” Siya smiles at him

“Yuvraj.” Yuvraj corrects her.

“Yes. Yuvraj.” Siya smiles at him.

He goes on about how good the presentation was to talk to Siya.

Ryan standing at the other end talking to the Chairman of Agnihotri group, is looking more in the direction where Siya and Yuvraj are talking then at the Chairman. He sees Siya as she looks at him with a tinge of fear in her eyes.

Ryan sees Yuvraj taking a step forward as if he was going to hug her and leaps into action and reaches there in a bullet speed and grabs his arm and says, “Mr. Agnihotri.” And Ryan immediately comes up with, “I just wanted to Thank you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and signing the deal with us.” Ryan says extending his hand to Yuvraj.

“My pleasure.” Yuvraj says a little disappointed on being interrupted and a little curious on such behaviour of Ryan Malhotra.

Siya was seeing everything as an audience and was now curious and confused but was enjoying every bit of all the play.

He turns towards Siya and says, “See you soon. Bye.”

“Bye.” Siya says smiling at him.

As she sits at her desk, she thinks about Ryan and his behaviour around Yuvraj, though she is thankful but now curious too.

Ryan is too edgy around Yuvraj and Siya didn’t seem to understand why.

She opens her laptop as she finally gets time to read her online fictional story. She reads a part of jealousy and thinks about Ryan’s behaviour. She thinks, “Oh. That’s why he is so edgy! He is jealous. He is jealous of Yuvraj Agnihotri.” Siya smiles to herself and laughs a little with that thought. “He is jealous. For me?” And a blush occurs on her face.

“‘Awww” escapes her mouth with that thought and resumes her work.

The week ends and so does another. Their friendship was not friendship anymore but they were still unaware of it.

On Monday morning they had a Photoshoot for their company calendar and yearly publication and they had called a reputed model for that.

Siya eyes her with anger as she puts her hand on Ryan’s on his Right shoulder and is stuck to him for the picture.

Siya goes to Ryan’s cabin to give him the daily reports. She puts them on his table loudly which takes Ryan’s eyes off his tab.

“What happened?” And then looks at Siya closely and says, “You seem angry. What happened? Did anyone do anything?”

“Yes. You did.” Siya tells him angrily.

“Me? What did I do?” Ryan asks in surprise.

“Never mind.” Siya turns to leave but Ryan grabs her hand and turns her back to him.

“What is it?” Ryan asks her seriously.
“Who is she?” Siya asks Ryan looking at her from the window.
“She is Veronica. She is a model. A top model. She has come here for our photoshoot.” Ryan explains her still not understanding where does Veronica come into the picture because he knew she had not talked to anyone except receptionist and the photographer and his assistant.
“I don’t like her.” Siya says irritated.
“Did she do anything? Did she say anything to you?” Ryan says gently giving a little pull at her hand with which she turns to look back at him.

“No. She didn’t.” Siya says realising what she was feeling as he looks at her in confusion.

“It’s nothing.” Siya says trying to now free her hand from Ryan’s.
Siya frees her hand and just takes a step ahead as realisation dawns on Ryan and he holds her by her wrist, turns her and pulls her. He grabs her now by her waist and pulls her to him.

Siya completely overthrown by Ryan’s act, says, “What.. What are you..” and is unable to complete her sentence when Ryan says clearly amused now, “You are jealous!”

“What?” Siya now shocked with the fact that Ryan knows what she feels.

“No. That’s not true. Why should I be?” Siya continue to argue and squirms in his arms and frees herself and says, “I am not jealous.”
As she turns to leave he tugs her arm and turns her again and takes a step forward and says smirking at her, “Yes you are.”

“No. I am not.” Siya says taking a step back.

“Yes.” Ryan takes a step forward again and Siya takes a step back and says, “No.”

“Yes.” A step forward.
“No.” A step back.

With the last step back Siya now touches the wall back and sees Ryan towering over. She tries to leave from left and Ryan places a hand on wall to stop her. When she tries to go from her right Ryan places another hand on wall to stop her. Siya was now trapped with Ryan so close to her as her breathing accelerates.

He comes close to her and Siya closes her eyes as she feels how close they were.

“Yes. Siya Agarwal you are jealous.” He whispers in her ear and nuzzles on her cheek. Siya is no more aware if her heart was beating or if she was breathing.

Ryan stays there for a moment and then slowly moves away rubbing his stubble beard on her cheek to look at her.

Both wanton now, needing each other more than ever.

But Ryan takes a step back taking Siya out of trance and awaking her of everything.

She turns to leave but then remembers something. She turns back to Ryan and says, “I don’t know why I said that, but atleast I am not all bothered when somebody shakes hand with you.” And she leaves without looking back

Ryan realises immediately that she had noticed how Yuvraj bothered him. But what she didn’t know was, it was more for her than his jealousy.


As soon as she agrees Ryan sees a girl in a sexy outfit, giving a walk that obviously gets her attention from all the guys.

Siya notices this and says, “Men” and rolls eyes at her.

“What? Guys love when girls seduce them. And that’s why they look at other girls. It’s only because their girls don’t do that.”
“Oh please. You guys look at such girls anyway. And we girls can be seductive and sexy whenever we want. We just don’t do such things in public like her.”
“Haha. Good one.” Ryan says faking a laugh and a smile and then says, “That’s not true. Only when they don’t get it from who they want, they look at these kinda girls. Now look at you. Can you ne this seductive and sexy? Wear such outfits for your man? No.”

“What? Hello! I can be seductive and sexy if I want, it’s just that I don’t choose to be. And I don’t even need to wear such clothes.”
“Really? You think you can be seductive? What a dream you are living in!”

“You don’t believe me?!”
“Ofcourse not.” Ryan replies immediately. “I am sorry but you don’t have that quality.”

Siya is now angry. She had never been this angry before. But she didn’t even know why they were having this conversation in first place. But still manages to say, “You offended me.”

“What’s true, it’s true. You can never seduce a guy like me. Accept the facg” Ryan says shrugging.

“Oh. I can. Easily.” Siya says in a challenging tone putting her hands now on the table.

“Really? Okay. I’ll give you a chance to prove it. Try and Seduce me. And we’ll see.” Ryan says putting his hands on table as well.

“Okay. We’ll see.” Siya says confidently, now smirking as she stands up and takes her bag to leave.